Where were you?

Where where you?


Today, 14 years ago, something happened that changed the world! Everyone was deeply moved by the events and everyone was looking for answers, but all they could find were more questions. All news stations around the globe were broadcasting live and news anchors were at a loss for words. All news from previous day were forgotten, and the world came together to mourn.

On that day, I was still in Europe, with my mom, at our little apartment in the city (about an hour and half from Bucharest). The whole thing caught everyone by surprise, we were in shock! Nobody had anything to say. After a while mom sat down with me and we discussed the situation. Back in August 2001, the papers for my emigration were approved and I was to fly out to Canada with a one way ticket on February 2002. This event brought out a whole new set of questions and concerns, about the boarders being closed, planes grounded, high security measures put in place. What would it mean for us, and our situation… Dozens of lives were lost in the attack and it created an immediate panic across the globe.




We followed the news for months and months, preparing ourselves for my leave. I remember at one point in time, my mom wanted to cancel everything and have me remain with her. Dad talked her out of it, as he was closer to it all and the news were reported a little different in Canada. February 22nd, 2002 came so fast, and we said our goodbyes at the airport and I promised to call as soon as I landed. Flying alone was a little nerve wrecking and all I could think about was the unthinkable! But, everything went well, I landed as planned and I was to start a new life as a teenager in a new, somewhat strange, country. The ride from the airport to my dad’s home was fairly short and I was greeted by my younger siblings, which I met for the very first time. That evening, dinner time brought the whole family together. I started crying uncontrollably, thinking of this whole big move I made, and how I left my “comfort zone” behind. I missed my mom and friends, but I was soon comforted by my dad and he assured me that everything will be alright. And he was right! as always.

A few years later from the attack, in late 2004, I traveled to New York and visited Ground Zero. At the time, they were still in the process of finalizing all the clean up and rebuilding the area. The perimeters were barricaded. We managed to get a glimpse of what’s happening behind the metal gates and remembered all over again the events of that day. We took a moment and prayed for all the lives that were lost and the families that were left behind.



In 2010, I had the possibility to bring my mom over for a 5 week visit. She absolutely loved it and we had a great time together. We took a trip down to New York, and we walked the streets up and down, taking in all the glamour and fame that the city brings forward! We took time of our day and stopped at Ground Zero and we sat down on a bench across the street and talked about it. By that time a new building was going up (One World Trade Center — “The Freedom Tower”), and was pretty much half way finished. We talked about new beginnings and that day in September 2001. As we build our future, we honor our past. We will never forget!


The view over The Freedom Tower on September 10 2015

The view over The Freedom Tower on September 10 2015



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