We’ll be back to our regular schedule

Summer days on the farm feel endless. The work never stops. There are not enough hours in the day and by sunset, you feel exhausted and all you want is a refreshing shower and a fluffed pillow. Sometimes you’re even too tired to eat!

Well, we got a taste of that! We dove head first into it, as you remember, and it wasn’t very hard work to do at all, but it was very time-consuming. We were trying to get ourselves all set with raising the animals, put up the barn, get some gardening done, AND finish unpacking and make the house into a home.

I really think we succeeded. And if we fell short on some things, who cares! there’s lots of time in the winter to straighten things out and tie any loose ends 😉

We built the barn, while housing chickens and ducks and goats and dogs in temporary shelters. Hoping to get some posts up soon with details and pictures of what we did and how.

— We were only gone for a few hours, but as soon as the car pulled in the driveway, they all gathered to express their complaints —

I fell behind with blogs I follow too. I have over 1000 emails that I have not been able to look at – mostly blog posts I need to go through. Evenings should be fun from now on 🙂

October was harvest month at our farm too. We filled the freezers with chickens and ducks. We also picked up a pig from a farmer down the road and I got to practice cutting it up into freezer pieces. Last year’s experience really helped!

Mom and step-dad were tremendously helpful and six months ended way too quickly. I drove them to the airport a few days ago, and I got the feeling that they will miss this place too 😉 We’ll see what next year holds and maybe they would like to come back for a bit.

Stay tuned for new posts about our first fours months at this new place!

Hay day was a blast. They really tried to help

— Hay day was a blast. They really tried to help —

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  1. What a beautiful barn! Can’t wait to hear more about the new place!

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