Welcome H.O.M.E

set scene: Mitchell is a big computer nerd. That’s his passion and also his full time job. He has a little office setup in the basement with a bunch of technical equipment. That is his perfect corner in the whole house.

I was there to do some work. Intruding. While I was only using one of the two monitors, the screen saver displayed different pictures on the second monitor. As I was all absorbed in my own little working world, listening to music, I wasn’t really paying attention to the slide show. Until this displayed on the screen.


It made me pause and take a picture, so I could ask him about it later….and be all invasive of his techie world!

I did ask him what it means. And he replied, just as you might have guessed it, it means “There’s no place like HOME”. Apparently, in computer nerd world, means H.O.M.E .

Next question was, of course, ‘why does it mean that?’.

And he has the audacity to say IT JUST DOES. He walked himself into it!. I followed up with a nice repeat poem of “but why” because you’re only as old as your inner child!. He didn’t find it funny.

But it worked!

After a long sigh and promise you quit bothering me about it after this, he said something of the sort

Every technology equipment has an IP address to be recognized on the network. is a default localhost IP.

Ok. But why ?

CAUTION: Gibberish following. clear as day for him…

127 is the last network number in a class A network with a subnet mask of And is the first assignable address in the subnet.

HUH!? come again!? He read my face expression and continued in plain English

Basicaly, is a loopback address – a non-routable IP address. So any computer you happen to be sitting in front of right now has a localhost address of And if you try to connect to, you are immediately looped back to your own computer.

There you have it. Now we all know what it means, but I also learned not to ask about these type of things again 😉 to save myself the confusion. 



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