We are at war

We are at war” is what the Prime Minister of France said in a statement after he heard the devastating news of yet another terrorist attack.

In light of everything happening across the ocean, my friend wrote a few words that speak volume and it is how I personally feel too.

I feel we live in constant terror. We watch over our shoulder when we walk to the grocery store. We are scared we will be stabbed if we step on anyone’s toes (or not, in the recent case of Rohinie Bisesar). We look for cover at the sound of a loud bang.

People south of the border fight for gun rights, and more often than not, they end up in the wrong hands, killing the innocent… Protecting your property and yourself at all cost is what crosses their minds when applying for that gun licence and when teaching a young boy/girl to defend oneself of the crazies out there – what’s next, fighting the zombies?

It shouldn’t be that way!! Our ancestors (of every country) fought for the liberty of that territory and its people.

I have friends that refuse (yes, refuse) to have kids because they are afraid for their safety. We’re killing ourselves and our kids by poisoning the foods, the waters, the minds of everyone! How can we protect the next generation, and the one after that, if we cannot take control of what’s happening right now?? Everybody has the given right at life. Politics should not be a setback…

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, condemned the attacks in Brussels this morning, and the President of the United States, Barack Obama, said in a statement “we must unite against this ‘scourge of terrorism’ “.


There is a small restaurant nestled in the middle of Brussels; La Caneva.

The food there is unbelievably delicious.

Two and a half years ago my husband visited this restaurant with his friends as part of their European trip. I remember receiving a phone call from my then boyfriend after he had dinner at La Caneva for the second time, and he couldn’t stop raving about the food and the lovely environment. He promised me that one day he will take me to that exact same restaurant. Since then, we’ve been fantasizing about our own European trip. We spoke about visiting Italy, France, Ireland and above all Belgium. Brussels has left an undeniable impression on him, and on me, through his detailed stories and beautiful photos he captured.

I may not have relatives in Belgium, and I may have never had the pleasure of walking the streets of Brussels, but somehow it became a part of my relationship, and a future to look forward to.

Today, when I heard about these terrorist attacks, I was hurt beyond belief. The beautiful image of my son’s little feet walking on the Brussels cobblestone streets has slightly shattered. All because of a certain group of people that is slowly taking away the world from our hands, piece by piece. Maybe if it was before I became a mother these attacks wouldn’t have deterred me from visiting Belgium, but now I have a different role in this world and the fear is too obvious to ignore.

We can say we ‘stand with’ every country after every terrorist attack. We can send our condolences to those who lost families and friends. For most their demonstration of freedom ends here. Until, it’s too late, and those attacks comes closer to our own country and our own families and friends.

I don’t want this to happen.

And I’m tired of being politically correct.

Donald Trump is far from being the most eloquent speaker, but at least he calls a spade a spade.

Even though, generalization does narrow the mind, I’d rather hurt someone’s ego than allow the world to fall apart because of these terrorists.

I am against the flood of refugees Trudeau insists on bringing here. Look at Europe and understand why. I am against trying to change my country to fit Islam standards. These standards do not complement the Western culture and go against what we believe in. Want to play in our sandbox? Then follow our rules.

15 years ago when my family emigrated here from Israel, people asked me how different was it to live in a country that is always on the brink of war. I remember telling them stories that stuck out in my mind. Like having a bomb squad called whenever there was a bag left out in public, or having security checks at the entrances of shopping centers. These stories were odd to hear back then to those who never experienced it, but yesterday York University shut down because someone had left their suitcase in the washroom. 15 years ago, this would have never happened. 15 years ago that suitcase would have been brought to the office’s lost and found.
Who knows what the environment will be like in 15 years from now? At the rate that we are going, we can all have a pretty accurate guess.

We all have our own selfish reasons to support or reject political policies.

My reason is my son.

My deepest love to all those hurt by these senseless terrorist attacks.”


By Anna


5 Thoughts on “We are at war

  1. The extremist madness is getting closer and closer. Australians seem to think we are immune but there have been a few plots discovered by the police just in time, and radicalisation is happening here too. I really feel for the vast majority of refugees though, as those few terrorists who hide among them are making everyone fear and reject them, when they just want to be somewhere safe with their families, as we would. As to our food, it’s getting so hard to shop healthily! The companies don’t give us all the information so we can’t make informed decisions. Even our very strict importation laws have been flouted by overseas producers who know how to rort the system and have no problem selling us their inferior, contaminated produce.
    Some days I wonder if we’ll ever survive as a species but then I’ll see some evidence of how goddamn wonderful people can be and it gives me hope.

    • It’s so true. Everything is so tainted… from foods, to people. I agree it’s so hard at times to make a good decision about what you put in your body or even ON your body… Politics sticks its nose everywhere and and “people that pay get their way” :S

  2. It honestly is such a crazy world we live in. What you said about people choosing not to have children because of how messed up so many things are really hit home. (You mentioned poisoning food–that’s something that disturbs me SO much, too. I can’t believe the chemicals that are in what we eat. I know I can’t be there to control what my daughter eats, a lot of the time, but I can’t stand the idea of all that crap getting in to her system.) Anyway, these are indeed scary times. I know that Germany has been mentioned as a possible danger point. On one hand, I tend to brush it off and think that it could never happen here or to my family. But there are no guarantees! So sad the world has to be like this…

  3. This one hit close to home for me too. My husband spent the entire month of June last year in Brussels for work. I’m traveling alone to India later this year. It’s scary. The world is scary.

    • My parents and I travel a lot too… It’s scary indeed! Paris attacks hit home for me – my uncle lives not too far from central Paris. I travelled to Paris on a couple of occasions and I had many layovers in Brussels over the years. I heard India is beautiful to visit – close family friends went a couple of years ago and they brought back beautiful pictures and souvenirs. Wish you all the best and take lots and lots of pictures! and you can share the memories with ‘the kids of your kids’ when they will be old enough to understand the meaning of it all 🙂

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