Wandering beauties


Last spring we had a lumber crew come and trim our forest. As part of the Managed Forest Program, we are responsible for maintaining the health and good standing of the trees, and so every 8-10 years trimming needs to occur to allow for new growth and regeneration of the landscape. All a fun process!

All critters around the farm were very curious about all the commotion going on and at a split second they were right there to help with anything needed!

The forest hasn’t been trimmed in more than 15 years (if ever since it was planted) and it looked sad and so dark in there. Winter time was the only time that we liked to explore it and find its hidden trails.


After all was set and done, massive piles of wood were waiting to be picked up. Our yard looked like a lumber yard!

We kept two big piles for firewood and we used almost one for last winter. This winter, most likely the second one will go and then we have to look into outsourcing wood!

1974195_  10273155_

And then the forest looked brighter and inviting 🙂

forest 3  forest 1

forest2  forest 4

A year later, and the floor of the forest completely flourished! Our friends, the hunters, were especially excited about finding out what else has set foot in the forest, besides Mother Nature’s veggie garden 😉 and so were we!

They setup a game camera and voila! A new forest full of growth and residents 😉

Now say it with me AAAAAWWWWW

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