‘Tis the Season

Around the Holidays, and shortly after, I tend to hear about people gifting living creatures to their family, relatives or friends.

Many times it all works out great! Mostly because the animal was well planned and necessary research was conducted.

But there are other times when it doesn’t work so well… The odd times when “impulse buying” or rescuing goes terribly wrong and the animal gets tossed around. They end up on classifieds websites and soon after in shelters. Or worse, they end up being neglected and mistreated.


never give a gift that keeps on taking


One great advice I learned from my dad, and from experience over the years, is ‘never give a gift that keeps on taking’. And this goes with ANY item you can think of that the person receiving the gift has to put more money into it… coupons, battery operated items, video games consoles, out of town get-away, scooters/motor-bikes, vehicles, a leaving creature. The list could go on… This list is arranged to show the most meaningful gift at the end, as that is the most time consuming and money consuming of them all.

A leaving creature is not a “thing” to be gifted. It takes commitment and dedication to raise it.

All creatures are nice and soft and cuddly when they are babies. And then they grow into juveniles, and young adults, and ultimately adults. Sound familiar?? For many, many years books and books have been written and re-written about “crazy twos” and “how to deal with you teenager” and “create the perfect adult”! And we still don’t know enough…


Dogs and cats seem to be the most popular of the gifts, and as you know dog and cat years are far more accelerated! In dogs, crazy twos come around 4 months and last to about 1 year, depending on the breed. They are all juveniles between 10 months and 2 years. After 2 years of age, most breeds mature into what you managed to shape them to be! They all require close supervision, training, support, and a pack leader!

And they are all a long term commitment! LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG term commitment!

Mitchell was a little shocked to hear cats can live to see 16 and even 18 years! And some dogs live just as long…


There’s a little over a week until Santa comes. Everyone is busy making their last arrangements for presents, diners, get togethers, and moments to themselves. maybe!

Let’s all try to give the perfect gift. A great surprise does not have to be a living thing that could end up in a shelter or neglected. If you know that certain someone is looking for a little animal, I would suggest gifting research material (a book, CD, etc) or cash in an envelope with a note whenever you are ready. I want to be part of the choice”. 

We live in a society that has commercialized all the holidays so much, that it has become rude not to give during the this time of the year… but give from the heart and have the other person in mind for the long run, not just for the day they open the presents.

Never forget that EVERYONE will always remember your presence during the Holidays, but they may not always remember the presents they receive!


Holidays are for memories of good times spent with the loved ones



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