They come in all sizes

“Breast is best”

No matter the creature, they say breastfeeding is always best. Unless you need to look at other options 🙂

Almost five weeks ago I was the sales barn, again, and as I was looking around at the sheep, in an adjacent stall there was a nanny goat and 4 kids. The lady in charge mentioned that the kids are not related to the nanny goat and that they were sold individually, at choice.

They all looked like they were a few days old; rumours had it that one or two were born the night before… The auction started and when they got to the kids, nobody really wanted them. I put my bid in and took all four home!

Got them home, on the kitchen floor, checked them over and fed them their first bottle. They all took to the bottle like it was theirs for a lifetime. I still didn’t know if to trust the rumours about their age or my own judgement… But it didn’t really matter, as they were all healthy and big fighters… and slept all through the night. First thing in the morning I got them all settled in the back of the barn, where all the other kids spent some nights 🙂

I researched a lot about what to feed them, how much, and how often and I got more confused than I was before I got them. The rule of thumb is they should get the amount of milk equal to 15% of their body weight per 24 hours. And I did that for the first week… and they were close to being miserable. Goats always act like they are starving, it’s in their nature, but I just felt something wasn’t right. My gut feeling was telling me they are not getting enough milk. Sure enough, after consulting a few people in an online group, I increased their milk ration to what I considered to be appropriate and based on the advice from the ladies in the group.

SUCCESS! Happy goat kids and a very pleased me 🙂

Slowly they started nibbling on grains and hay and before I knew it they were out in the field picking at fresh grass in no time!

5 Thoughts on “They come in all sizes

  1. Wonderful, Laura. Glad they are thriving.<3

  2. Very cute! We had issues figuring out how much to feed our bottle lambs this year too. It was our first time ever doing bottle lambs and I found so many conflicting opinions on the topic that my head was spinning. We finally decided what to do, but I, like you, was feeling like they weren’t getting enough. After a week they were definitely looking smaller than the lamb born the day before them that had been nursing on her mother. So we decided to increase it and use our instincts more than the “instructions.” It worked much better.

    • I felt the same… These were a trial run for us too 🙂 at the end of the day following our gut always comes first – knowledge is power, but what might’ve worked for X person doesn’t mean it would work to the ‘T’ for Y person 🙂 Glad your lambs are doing well too!

  3. Yay! So glad your goat kids are thriving.

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