Updates from the homestead

The other week we had snow flurries flying around and I was posting Santa Clause messages all over social media. This week we’ve had the humidex index blowing temps out of the waters! but who’s complaining!? 

Well, it looks like summer is here full force and we embraced it!

We’ve been quite busy on our side of the fence with the whole “for sale” shenanigans which I really really hope it’s over soon, but also with getting the yard prepared for growth.

—  Decided on this type of post so I don’t feel like it’s a chore to write it AND I have nothing to teach you about for the moment 😉 

Updates in pictures

Mr Rooster and his ladies

One of Mitchell’s friends wanted 2 chickens for his little backyard. When Mitchell told me he called the feed store to place an order for 5 (’cause who just orders 2!) I called back and asked if they could please make that 10 chickens… ya, I have a problem! After they were all settled in the back coop, I stepped back and watched them explore in there. Sure enough, Mr Rooster wanted to check them out too! and I don’t blame him – I brought these new ladies to the harem for him 😉


The lilacs by the Southeast corner of the property are in full bloom and the scents are just mesmerising. I don’t have the heart to take any to bring them inside in a vase, so I just go by there as often as I can. The sound of busy bees is in perfect harmony with the views.

On our usual Saturday drive to the market, Mitchell decided to take a road we haven’t been on before and boy were we happy he did! That is a field full of crimson clover and there were acres upon acres of this stuff. Farmers use crimson clover for forage – it is high in protein and it is typically grown to feed cattle, but other livestock likes it too. It grows rapidly in spring and yields an abundant crop of green food. It can also be left to grow and it gets turned into hay for feeding livestock in the winter time.

Remember my next door neighbour with a big heart and a bigger backhoe? Jim and his wife Chrystal came over on Sunday to help us clean the eavesdrops and make sure no debris is showing for when people come to see the house. None of our ladders were tall enough to reach the North side of the house, so he just came with his big machine, set it down next to the house and he raised the front bucket all the way to the max and got in. Easy as pie!

Then my stepdad spoke to him (one Romanian one English) and somehow understood each other that he wanted the compost also ruffled and “streched” out so we can whel barrel it out to the veggie garden. As soon as that happened, chickens from all corners of the yard got word of the buffet feast and come over to check it out. Jim left with the massive machine and we were left to take care of the compost. We had a few “helpers” come around too, but I am pretty sure they came looking for goodies!

busy ladies looking for goodies in the compost

— Busy ladies looking for goodies in the compost —

After a good chat, we all grabbed a garden tool and started helping out with the compost.

Then the ‘supervisors’ showed up to keep us in line AKA lazy bones AKA Maya and Zeus 🙂

In the end, all is well when everyone is happy and content with their living arrangements!

-- Mr Rooster with The Wife by his side (on the left) getting ready for bed --

— Mr Rooster with The Wife by his side (on his left) getting ready for bed —


Have a wonderful weekend!


2 Thoughts on “Updates from the homestead

  1. Hi Laura! I love your feathery ladies. And gent. You got snow in May? That’s just as weird as Queensland getting 31C days in late May i.e. the end of autumn. There’s some screwy weather around lately!
    Have missed you and your farmerly shenanigans, can’t wait to get caught up 🙂

    • Canada is full of surprises 🙂 and I think this is just the begining of screwy weather …

      I missed you “being around the net too”!! Hopefully everything is okk and you were just caught up with season’s changing (havent’ read your new post yet, but based on the title I assumed!)

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