The day she disappeared

It’s starting to get dark and everything is quiet.

The shadows are growing bigger and scarier, and the winds are picking up fast. The trees are ruffling in the wind and the leaves are holding on tightly to the small branches to keep from being blown away. The green summer colors are turning into auburn and yellow floral arrangements. The trees are standing tall like a beautiful painting, barely moving in the wind breeze. The whistling of the forest is creating a calming atmosphere and a soothing feeling.

There are the odd crow screeches that are penetrating the silence and are bringing the painting to a living illustration. The trail is looking narrower and narrower as the forest is getting thicker and thicker. The broken sticks are crumbling under her footsteps. There is no turning back. There is nowhere to go and everywhere to reach. The trail leads to the other side of the forest and into the main road. There is an urge to get there; there being a non-realistic place; a place where no one has been before. Or so she’s thinking…

She hasn’t been walking for very long, but to her it all seemed like days; she’s exhausted and with a feeling of misplacement. Her feet are swollen and the shoes feel so tight that they could burst a blood vessel. Her stockings got caught in branches and had little tears all over of her thighs. Red droplets are poking through.

woman-in-a-blue-apronHer apron is protecting the front of her dress from smudges and grime. The once vibrant blue color was now a faded one with traces of washing and sun damage. But it didn’t matter, it is her favorite and today it’s her powerful shield. Her fingers are cold and full of sap and mud stains. She can’t figure out why, but there is a high probability the forest did this to her. The golden strands of hair are getting in her eyes and her tight well done bun was now a bee hive mess. She kept using her hands to tuck them back in and got her face all dirty. Her milky skin was now red from the wind and her back hurt a little.

It is all this walking“, she was reassuring herself.

It is this endless journey she is on to get there, somewhere … anywhere.

The houses are glowing as the lights are peeking through the windows. As she’s walking past the edge of the forest there are no more shadows.

The sun has set and the moon light is taking over. Everything has a special glare to it and a new tale is developing. The moon light brings out the night creatures and a new lifespan takes place. There’s never any sleep as one creature is replaced by another.

The soil gets cooler and the leaves are swooshed away in the wind departing to other grounds, laying down a blanket of colors and providing a hiding place for smaller critters.

The owls are out, standing still on tall branches overseeing the grounds and looking forward to their next meal.

Hoo-hoo hoo-hoo , the owls make their presence know from time to time.

The sound of crickets is overwhelming and it is embedding in her mind, replacing any other thought.

She is getting cold all over, but she keeps walking. Starting point is far away and insignificant at the moment. The end point is what she is looking for.

The final destination will set me free” she keeps saying to herself to ease the thoughts of pain and fatigue.

She keeps walking, and walking until she can’t walk no more.



By Laura N.

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