The calm after the storm

Then we moved! and I caught the flu… well Mitchell brought it home from someone at his work and since our bodies were working in overdrive with all the moving commotion, we were quite vulnerable to any and all bugs. But this post is not about that.

I wanted to post a few updates after our move. We’re finally at the new house and a few bags and boxes have been unpacked, but there are still lots to go through.

The fence people did such a wonderful job. They were done in 5 days and since we didn’t move the white dogs until 3rd day in, they didn’t suffer too much and were very happy to explore their new territory. The two bird houses were full with active residents.

even the tomato plants look like they went through a roller coaster

— even the tomato plants look like they went through a roller coaster —

My step-dad wasted no time and put together the veggie garden. He planted tomato plants he had started at the other house. There’s also a zucchini plant far back in the corner.

I’ve been so happy with the switch to a bungalow. Everything being on the main floor made it easier on my knees and sleep while having to let the cats in and out of the house at odd hours of the night. Laundry room on main floor was a nice bonus too.

Speaking of the cats, they seem to love it here too!They only spent the first night hiding in the basement. After that, we could barely get them to come back in to eat a little for the day.


They would make their way down the driveway, cross the dirt road and hide in the bushes for most of the night and even some parts of the day. Mom swears she saw a third cat playing with our cats!


Mitchell and I still commute to the big city for work, but one of us will soon stay home and start this new farming adventure. Guess which one of us? 😉

And our farming adventure will start with a little pack of alpacas! yup, you read that right – a.l.p.a.c.a.s. because I couldn’t resist! We went over to an alpaca farm to learn about their barn and get some building tips that we could apply for our place and while we caught on barn measurements and pasture division, the lady got me to hold some of the babies she had! a sales tactic for sure… because we will be bringing home baby Remington (3 week old little rascal in my arms below) and baby Avalanche (right by my side) when they turn 6 months. But, to not miss them too much, two other alpacas will be joining our farm just as soon as our barn is complete.

In the meantime, we started making this place our own and added our little touch to a few corners of the property. We left behind our old postal code and our neighbours, but we will always have our memories of how it all started!

A dream in the making



5 Thoughts on “The calm after the storm

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  2. Laura things are looking really great, and it seems like you’re all settling in nicely! Respect to your sense of industry and organisation, and getting the veggie patch in already, and even expanding your furry family! OMG Remington and Avalanche are so cute and I love the names 🙂 Is Remington like for the gun brand or for the TV spy? He definitely wasn’t quite as woolly and cute as your Remington! And the thing about alpacas and predators sounds handy – how far have you moved from your old place, do you still get coyotes there? It looks like a gorgeous paradise. Can’t wait to see the barn! 🙂

    • All the alpacas came with names and Remington is like the gun brand 😉 (I actually had to ask lol) We moved about 264kms East of where we were and coyotes and apparently bears call that place home too… We were looking for more puppies to get them trained by Maya and Zeus to be ready to guard our extended family. Things are happening quite fast and it’s both exciting and scary! Can’t wait for the barn myself too

  3. Girl! What do you do with alpacas??? And I am so jelly about staying home 🙂

    • for one I got sold on the alpaca cuteness… and two, the lady told us their fleece is well looked for around our area. Not looking to get rich from selling sheered fleece next year, but it will be interesting to learn how it all works and maybe get some yarn back and make something to sell 😉 Also, apparently them being a prey animal, they are constantly on high alert for predators and when they sense something they let out a screech to alert everyone of the dangers. This might work well with the dogs 😉

      I do understand you jealousy

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