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3.Line.Tales: Future

  At the crucial peak point between night and day, rests the assurance of tomorrow.       Click here Read More →

3.Line.Tales: No more chipped cups

  I checked all cupboards and picked a favorite red one; drank milk with style!       Click here Read More →

Dear reader: there’s a new den in my world!

…we interrupt our usual program to make an important announcement BREAKING NEWS! Due to a flood of blogs that I started following, Read More →

The Liebster Award – Recognizing me and my corner of the world

…not an April Fool’s prank 😉 The Liebster Award is like a mini-Pulitzer for mini-bloggers. Well, kind of. It is now, in my Read More →

30 Days Challenge

This is not a post about dieting. I promise! *** I found this picture on Pinterest and I thought “what Read More →