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A memorable holiday getaway

Every once in a while, everyone needs a break! A break from the office, from the house chores, from the Read More →

3.Line.Tales: Future

  At the crucial peak point between night and day, rests the assurance of tomorrow.       Click here Read More →

3.Line.Tales: No more chipped cups

  I checked all cupboards and picked a favorite red one; drank milk with style!       Click here Read More →

For all the Throwback Thursdays I missed

Ever wondered who actually came up with this concept? – Throwback Thursdays… Well I have, and apparently it was someone Read More →

For the love of chicken

Ask Mitchell any given day of the week what’s for dinner and he’ll only have one answer: CHICKEN! this boy Read More →

Burning night

The moon last night was gorgeous! and it was supposed to look like this in all dozen pictures that I Read More →