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This past winter has been a true blessing for our region. We had temperatures in the high teens in December! We broke records of good weather and we were hopeful for a long, calm winter.

The temperatures started to ascent pretty quick and last weekend we had -20C two nights in a row.

Nobody was happy about it! Chickens bickered about it, refused to leave their feed area, which is patted down with straw for their comfort. Tia hated to go outside for even the 3-4 minutes it would take to do her business. princess! The white dogs weren’t too pleased with the high winds, but were happy to finally feel cool.

I absolutely hated it! Waterers were all frozen solid, ice capades were happening all over the place, my face felt like it was going to fall off, and working with gloves on felt like I had two left hands and all thumbs for fingers…

Even though Maya and Zeus would always be fine in harsh weather, I did bring them in to ‘thaw’ their whiskers and paws and spend some time with me. I do that every time temperatures dip past -10C (windchill makes it much cooler than that and we do get high winds around here)

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They counter surfed the whole kitchen and sniffed all things. Even Tia’s bowl got inspected. Then they made themselves comfortable on the kitchen floor and waited for me to prepare their food.

Scrambled eggs was on the menu both nights. I added it to their kibbles to warm them up from the inside out 🙂

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