Reclaim your pantry

Pests love to eat too, and more often than not they find home and food in our homes and pantries. No matter how clean and tidy your pantry is, bugs could happen anytime – they come in through cracks, open windows, and they are even brought in from the grocery store on the packages or on the fruits and vegetables.

Around this time a year, a lot of cooking and baking will be happening. One day you get yourself ready to start baking only to find out that the full bag of flour you thought you have ready is now bug land. Here are a few tips to avoid the disaster 😉

  1. inventory: take the bags/containers of flour, rice, spices etc off the shelves and go through them one by one to check for spoilers and expiry dates. Get rid on anything that is not good and add to the shopping list to get it replaced – this is also the time to consider the absolute value of that item and if you will use it again or if it will end up in the trash next time around.
  2. cleanup: wipe and vacuum the shelves. You can use a mild sanitizer to wipe them down, or water and vinegar will work just wonders (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water)
  3. proactive: be proactive, not reactive! Check the seals on all containers/bags and keep them in check regularly.
  4. and most important have fun with it! You might find that one ingredient you forgot you have and be inspired for a new surprise dish for the day.

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