Pumpkin man, pumpkin man


Starting mid-September, pumpkin spice was what everyone had on their mind!

Recipe book comes out and pumpkin pies and cookies are planned for the whole month of October. Coffee shops now serve pumpkin spice everything and people go nuts for it… But the only way I like pumpkin is baked in the over and sprinkled with sugar. I eat spoon fulls at a time!

I’ve tried the pies, and cookies, and coffees, and candies…and nothing… I get no excitement for any of it! maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with it.

On the other hand, this is the time when I have a craving for butternut squash pastry. And since our garden produced a few of them, I’ve decided to celebrate the beginning of the cold weather with a comforting dessert.

It starts off with three ingredients: one decent size butternut squash, a tea spoon of ground cinnamon, and pastry sheets. The squash is cut in half, seeded, and placed skin up in an oven safe tray. Preheat the oven to 350F (175C) and bake the squash for about an hour and half. You are looking for the squash to feel soft to the touch. Take our and scrape all that goodness into a bowl, mix in the cinnamon, and set aside. You can leave the oven on.

On a flat surface, sprinkle a little flour. The package comes with the block of pastry pre-cut in half. Separate the halves and roll one half at a time.

Using a square oven safe dish, butter it and flour it so the pastry doesn’t stick during baking. Lay down the first pastry sheet as the base, making sure the pastry sheet is a little bigger then the opening of the pan (you’ll use the excess pastry just a little bit later).

Scoop out the pumpkin from the bowl you set aside and gently and evenly cover the pastry at the bottom of the pan.

Fold in the excess pastry, as shown in the picture below. Roll the second sheet of pastry, also a little bigger than the pan size, and cover the pumpkin layer.

Fold the excess pastry over and under the first layer, to create a closed in package.

Instead of just poking the pastry with a fork to allow hot are to escape during baking, dad gave me a great advise: lightly trace with a knife the squares you will eventually cut after baking. And voila!

With the oven still on at 350F (175C), simply put the pan in the oven and set timer for the recommended baking time written on the package of the pastry. Allow to cool for about 10-15 minutes before cutting the squares.

And you can never have just one piece. Enjoy!

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