Not one, nor three sheep were enough!

As you might have guessed it… we got more sheep 😀

Actually, it was quite easy to get more sheep! remember the barn sale shenanigans that happened Valentine’s Day? Ya, that’s exactly how the next residents of our barn made their way into our lives. Spoiler alert: we made an appointment for March 11th to visit a Black Welsh sheep farm… Mitchell really likes how they look and he has read only good things about them. If the lady has any lambs available, we might even bring some home.

Well, let’s start the introductions

these are Dorper sheep: another no-shear breed

I picked up these four busy bodies last week. All four were in one stall. There were a lot of multiples that day and through and through I didn’t get to check everyone’s sex before making my decision on which stall(s) I am going to bid. Sure enough, just when I thought I am bringing home 4 boys, they turned out to be only one boy and 3 girls. Not a total disappointment, of course, but from my readings, I deducted that boys gain weight quicker than girls – if you need them to in a shorter period of time.

And just when I thought I was done with the sales barn for a while, my Amish neighbour talked me into going back this morning. We started looking at all the cattle available and just like he cannot keep away from looking at more and more cattle, I had to look at the sheep and goats that were brought in.

I think it was faith (maybe) to find these two ladies… and they look like the boy I picked up on Valentine’s Day – g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!

Both my neighbour and another fellow farmer think they may be bred, but I am not falling for that trick again… Valentine, the goat, was supposedly bred when we bought her up (due last October) and October came and went and there were no babies! Until I see lambs on the ground, to me, these two were not bred.

For now, Thelma and Louise are getting comfortable being in our barn.

Thelma and Louise adjusting to their new home 🙂 ** Barbs and Charlie in the background, in the next stall

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You’re probably wondering what are we doing with all these sheep. Well, the busy bodies will be Easter lambs, Charlotte, Charlie and Barbs, Thelma and Louise will be our starting breeding stock and I am sure there will be future ones that will have to fill the freezer for next winter. I’ve been contemplating making it a thing to even sell live lambs through online classifieds – we’ll see how well that goes, as I’m not too fond of strangers showing up at our gate, snooping around, even to pick up livestock. Maybe I’ll offer delivery for a small fee…that’s a possibility I am willing to explore.

On another note,

  • Spring seems to be just around the corner. Snow is slowly disappearing from the pasture and everyone is enjoying the freedom of venturing out, away from the boring barn. It started with the alpacas: they were out even when we had more snow on the ground. The chickens and ducks slowly followed, and now everyone is ‘littering’ the field! or sunbathing 😉

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  2. Always love your photos, Laura. The image of your dog and goat sunbathing is wonderful. <3

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