Niagara Falls, Canada

The ever beautiful Canadian landmark. We visited the Falls today and had a blast. We crossed into US too and snapped a few pictures with the views from the neighbouring side. The weather held for the whole day and a beautiful rainbow hovered over the falls for most of the day.

IMG_20150711_114510   IMG_20150711_114535

IMG_20150711_115355   IMG_20150711_115438

These two were having the time of their life!! Mom loves to come to Niagara and she kept saying no matter how many times she comes she still gets an aawwww feeling!

IMG_20150711_114541   IMG_20150711_115835

We drove a little through the Niagara-on-the-Lake and pick-up some wine (of course!) and took some more pictures.

IMG_20150711_144157   IMG_20150711_144111

IMG_20150711_151244   IMG_20150711_151617

And we finished our trip with a hike down to the Niagara River bend.

IMG_20150711_160346   IMG_20150711_160703

IMG_20150711_161203   IMG_20150711_162703

IMG_20150711_161731   IMG_20150711_161736


and with my mom 🙂



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