New lambs: American Blackbelly

Even if you are a brand new reader and have only skimmed through our posts you will notice a trend of new sheep being acquired. I will let you in on a little secret: that was not our vision when we started this farm… ssshhhhh. Our forecast, budget paperwork, farm planning, and extended research were done mostly on raising heritage breeds of pigs. Haven’t gotten there yet. I feel it’s because I fell madly in love with goats and sheep. They stepped through our farm gates and became part of our always-expanding herd instantaneously.

As I started an extended research on hair sheep and fell in love with Kathadins, Mitchell expressed his desire for the Barbados Blackbelly breed. As the name states, they are tropical animals, very rare in North America. So rare that we were not able to find a breeder that had any available lambs. He settled for the next best thing: the American Blackbelly — a mix of primarily the Barbados Blackbelly and the Mouflon sheep. Read more about the breed here

You might know by now, I am not one to refuse more sheep!

Without further ado, here are Rambo, Lilly and Molly…a perfect trio to start our American Blackbelly herd. All born to 3 different bloodlines, they will be perfect to bring goodness into the next generations. Little Rambo will grow to be our ‘ferocious’ ram and hopefully pass on his multiple genes, as he is part of triplets.

They are still very camera shy as well as human interaction shy. I talk to them all the time and try to get them to engage, but all I get are blank stares and fight or flight stances. They love all the snacks we provide for them and although they are still in quarantine and have not met our other sheep yet (only through the fence), they get the privilege to graze on our front lawn and take lots of naps in the shade of the pine trees lining the fence line.

Look how pretty they look. Through the fence, they also got to meet our goat kids in the growing pen.

Before you go, enjoy this beautiful picture of a curious Mouflon ram, photographed by Klaus Huppert



5 Thoughts on “New lambs: American Blackbelly

  1. Love to hear about your passion for animal husbandry. Wonderful for you and your family. <3

  2. They are so so pretty!

  3. Congrats on your new arrivals! ?

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