New beginning, new adventures

Friday was my last day.fear not!

Friday July 29th, 2016 was my last day working in the corporate world. There’s always something about the last day of work with a company; one door closes and another one opens. But there’s something even more special when it’s the last day of work in the corporate world. Like when you retire… at the age of 31…

A huge milestone is happening! A new chapter book is about to be written and it started with millions of butterflies in my tummy…

I fear the unknown, but I know that I would regret it and beat myself if I don’t do this right now… not tomorrow, not the day after, not next year. Now. Just like we planed it for the past 2 years or so.

It still feels like I’m just out for some vacation time. It hasn’t settled in that I will not be returning to my desk in the big office, in the big city. For the past two weeks, I trained a very nice lady to take over my duties. She came with a special recommendation from my previous place of employment. I knew of her as she worked in the past with a company that was our client. I met her before, years ago, but never really paid attention to what she did or who she worked for. We never spoke business talk. Needless to say, we hit it off right away and training was an absolute success. I am very happy that she will be carrying over my duties and help the boss stay organised. But if she gets stuck, I left my number on a sticky note!

okaaayyyyy, back to more important things. Everyone finally saw the light at the end of the stacking boxes! We’ve unpacked more than half of the things we brought in; we’ve packed the kitchen and bedrooms with only the necessary items, and we are still going through the so-so piles to decide what stays and what goes to donations centre. what’s that rule? if you haven’t touched it in 2 years, it’s good to go? Mitchell really hopes everything is ‘a go’! If I have to ask “what about this one?” – it’s good as gone. 

-- I had no fear that the dogs will adapt to their new environment! --

— I had no fear that the dogs will adapt to their new environment! —

A few days before we moved from the old place, I started gathering eggs and saving them to be hatched at the new place… I candled them all and set aside 6 dozens. My step-dad and I made sure we knew where the incubators were at all times, just so we get ‘cracking’ right away!

On July 14th, we placed the eggs in the incubators. As we were back and forth at work, unpacking started slowly and it took a while until I found the good thermometer. I took a chance with the settings on the incubator and it turned out the temp was a tiny bit high. I got it back to what it’s supposed to be (99-99.5F) and hoped that all were not lost.

Last night, I candled the whole batch of 72 eggs and only 34 eggs are going strong. (17 in one ‘bator and 17 in the other – I found that quite amusing). Hatch day is fast approaching – this Thursday, Aug 4th! These will be the first chicks hatched on the new farm.

-- they always stick together with the rooster - Mr King and his 5 girls --

— they always stick together with the rooster – Mr King and his 5 girls —

New things are coming to the farm! New and exciting things… like GOATS! Valentine, baby Halo, baby Cinnamon, and big daddy Benjie will be joining our farm next weekend! I apologise for not taking a picture of the buck… I was too excited with the ladies and the babies.

17 Thoughts on “New beginning, new adventures

  1. This post made me feel like having a clean out! It would’ve made me want to quit my job too, except my job is being a parent and in all good conscience I can’t quit! And my underlings would probably follow me anyway. 🙂
    Aw have already seen and commented on your new fuzzy babies, and am looking forward to getting to know your new kids – goats… kids… geddit? – and see the farm take on its new shape.
    I’ll have to see about getting you some kind of virtual housewarming pressie…

    • Btw I LOVE that fear quote. So true!!

    • hhahahaha Michelle you are awesome! I was at a neighbour the other day (that has cattle) and he asked how is our well water situation (we are going through a bad drought period and he ran out of water from one of his wells) and he said ‘pay close attention to when kids come’… As I pointed to his 10 yr old, “kids!? or goat kids?” and he said “they both need a lot of water!”

      I took a bit to reply to comments because we brought the goats home Saturday night and Sunday was the most challenging and rewarding day so far on this journey.

  2. This sounds like the most exciting adventure ever! Kudos to you for making this brave move and taking the road less trodden. Looking forward to reading all about your new life. 🙂

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  4. What an exciting time for you! Wishing you a wonderful life in your new home. Love the goats! It looks an amazing place and I enjoyed seeing the chicory flowers in the photo of the dogs as they are one of my favorite flowers!

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I cannot wait for the goats even though I realized I know very little about them lol I didn’t even know thats the name of those flowers – they are so beautiful, no wonder they are a favorite!

  5. I am totally jealous and happy for you!!! I am afraid of goats…but I love that pic!

  6. Congrats! Excited to follow along as you get settled in your new place.

  7. Congrats!! A new chapter can be exciting and scary, the unknown is a difficult thing to step into willingly but change is positive if you make it so, good luck to you!

  8. Congratulations, Laura! Wishing you, Mitchell and all your critters the very best as you begin your new adventure ?.

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