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Everyone should, if they don’t already do, know their mother is a hero! A hero to put up with child birth pains, to put up with crazy twos, to watch you go during your first day of kinder garden, and then to take pictures with you at your college graduation. She is a hero to watch you get married and start a family, and definitely she is a hero for doing it all over again with your kids!

Here’s the story of my hero.

Mom was born and raised on a farm along cattle and horses… and hated it! every minute of it. That life was just not fit for her and as she says now SHE was not fit for that life. On the other hand, her brother is the opposite! I AM the opposite hahahaha we have a constant battle about what I’ve set my dreams to be and what I want to do for the rest of my life – constant manual labour – while living on a farm myself. It kills her inside, as she always ran away from manual work, but she puts a smile on her face to hide that, every time we talk about it. And she is happy to listen to me talk with so much passion about all my dreams.

She fought with her parents to let her go away to university after she finished highschool in her hometown. Her mom gave in eventually and allowed her to leave with a promise that she will do good and make them proud. And she embarked in a new adventure into the unknown. She moved away from home to study and do good for herself. She had finished arts and was perusing a degree in construction engineering. She finished second in her class. She was over the moon and excited to start working in the field. Back in those days, after you finished university, the government will “find” work for you — they would look at your degree and provide a placement for you. This could be anywhere in the country. Her placement was about 500 kms away from home. That’s where she met my dad too. Then they moved to my dad’s home city and that’s where I was born too.

They had their own differences, and ended up getting a divorce. But that didn’t stop my mom to keep going and fighting for a good life for us. We remained in the same apartment and she finished paying for it. Every time I would complain about school work she would remind me that if she had no school the dogs would’ve eaten us…ya, 20 years later we still talk about it!! and most likely I will say that to my kids too.

Regardless of how busy and stressed life was for her, she made time for “us”. We couldn’t afford many luxuries, but we always had enough to keep us going and be happy. I loved to go with her every Saturday morning to the farmer’s market and pick our veggies and meats and plan the meals for next week. Mom used to cook one big pot of soup every week – enough to last us from Sunday until next Friday! Guess how I cook my soups now? 😀 As a second course she would make meals to last a few days for dinner. She always said it’s better to spend Saturday afternoon cooking for the week and be relaxed at night during the week, rather than struggle to put something on the table every night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t adopt that same mentality, as Mitchell is the pickiest eater I’ve met, so any big pots of food I cook are to take to work for lunch (some to share with my dad :)) and dinner is 9 out of 10 times cooked from scratch.every.single.time…or we order take-out, but that’s rare as we both like to cook from scratch.

Mom shared stories of her university years and how during many nights her roommate and her used to stay up late just to finish knitting one last part of a sweater or a cute vest to go with the next day’s outfit. I didn’t learn to knit or crochet from her. She didn’t have the patience with me nor my very tiny fingers at the time. I used to work so tight to the point that every pearl or knit took a lot of effort and struggle and I would get so frustrated to the point that she would kindly ask me to stop doing it for the time being. I learned to knit better and crochet from a nice lady that was watching over me during second and third grade. After school, mom enrolled me in ballet classes. I wasn’t too fond of them, but I used to go for the fun of it. The classes were during the day and it required someone to walk me to the place after school. Mom hired this nice lady to come to our apartment a few times a week and help with that task as well as make sure I eat and start homework by the time she came. I admired her crochet pieces and she gifted a few table center pieces to my mom. She taught me a few secrets that I follow to this day.

Mom was there when we had to walk to the hospital because I was in excruciating pains on my right side and couldn’t walk for too long. I was 10, and it was my birthday, and after a quick examination the doctor said I won’t be going home that night because I need to be prepared for surgery, my appendix was on the verge of popping. The first two nights mom slept with me and she would leave during the day to report in to work and she would come early enough to feed me soup and mashed foods. I was out of the hospital in 7 days and needed 7 more at home to fully recuperate. And she was always there!

She was also there when grade 8th exams came around and those grades meant my success to get into a good high school. And she was there through the nervous moments when we were reading the lists of admission to high school. And I was in! Under Math-Info Tech with Bilingual added — sounds like a funny program but it basically means extra hours of Math, Information Technology and English (we learned about Britain’s history and geography when other programs didn’t have to). I left in Grade 10, after first semester, but my colleagues finished well and some proceed to write The Cambridge Exam and get certified. (my step brother followed same path, as mom said “this road has been tested – we know what to do with you”)

And she was there at the airport on the last day. And we cried and said we will talk all the time and she shouldn’t be sad as it will all be better! We talked every Sunday, still do, for most of the time hehe and I went back the next year to visit. I arranged for friends to pick me up from the airport so that I can surprise her by just knocking on the apartment door. And surprised she was – I had dyed my hair blonde and she took a step back not knowing who it is that stands in front of her! During that trip I had another surgical procedure done (deviation of septum) and she was there through it all…swollen face and bruised eyes and all! I whined a lot that time around. I hated the fact that I cannot breath through my nose. But she put up with it all!

And lately she’s been visiting me, at my home, in Canada. And we spend endless hours talk about everything and anything – catching up and planning for the future.

And tonight she’s flying home, again… and I’ll miss our morning chats over a big mug of coffee!

I love my mom! I love my hero!



You can read about my dad here.

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