Mox-Mox and Rox-Rox

Mox-Mox and Rox-Rox turned 6 today! and even though they come across as two lazy cats, they are full of character and very witty when it comes to getting what they want. They are very demanding during breakfast time and when it’s time to venture out for the night. They will follow you around and vocalize their demands until you literally HAVE TO give in just to make them stop.

Moxie and Roxie were born at my dad’s house, back in 2009. Their mom, a loving cat, that stayed around all these years and it will spend the rest of her life as a stray cat fed by my parents and sheltered in the house during the days of harsh winter. She also was born there, just a couple of years prior and she was the only one that stuck around for the long run 🙂

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That same summer of 2009, I had found a nice rental house and was going to move out of my parents’ house for the first time! Initially when we found out that the cat was going to have kittens, I had my mind on only taking one cat. That cat was going to be my roommate 🙂 And then they were born! One prettier than the other! There was a litter of 5: 2 tigers, 1 grey striped (in the picture below) and the 2 rascals! I wanted to still just take one (had my heart on the black one) and name it Moxie — good for boy or girl.

1914342_6_n  1914342_66086n  1914342_66086_n

My grandmother lived with my dad at the time and she was the one taking care of the babies. She said as soon as she sees them eating food and milk, I could have them. And so on October 23rd I got to take them home. One of my friends was there to help with their move and while they were nicely tucked in a box, we started thinking of what to name the other cat… By now, my grandma told us that the black one is a boy and the B&W one is a girl (perfect!). 45 minutes later, when we arrived at my place, Jenn suggested Roxie ” ’cause it rhymes with Moxie “. And that was that! Moxie and Roxie were at their new home.

1914342_n  1914342_29_n  1914342_12n  1914342_6792_n

Let the adventures begin!!

1914342_6608_3501715_n  1914342_665_n  1914342_66086641_n

(yup this is what cats do all day —- venture into the unknown world of dreams…)

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They definitely grow too fast!

21056_67264n  21056_672364n

21056_672659899_n  21056_6726_n

… and they slept some more!

22256_6759  21056_67221_n

… and got themselves comfortable

21056_674_n   1918290_n

Fast forward a few years later, they were still in it together!  (planning a night full of adventures)


… and also got chubbier in the process of living it large!

11889663_6014  11850711_6014o


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  3. Sounds like my cats!! 2 peas in a pod hahaha belated Happy Birthday!

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