Mom’s birthday

Today is a month since mom’s birthday. She turned a beautiful age of 60. This year is special for us because I turned 30, another magical number. For a couple of years we were discussing this period in time and what we should do to celebrate. A few ideas were thrown around about destinations and world travels, but closer to the date (March-April this year), we decided to just do something local, given our situation now and the worries about preparing the house to be put up for sale. And so we went to a horse racing place – mom loves horses just as much as I do and I really thought it will be a great idea! I made reservations well in advance and I mentioned that it is for a birthday celebration. The gentleman at the other end of the line asked if I would like her name and a message to show up on the board — did I ever!! Though it’s hard to see it in the pictures, “Happy 60th Birthday, Rodica!” was displayed on the board. There were lots of people there celebrating different occasions, and so the messages were on a loop — we took pictures of all the moments her name came up. A special lunch date indeed!

IMG_20150606_140344[1]   IMG_20150606_135927[1]

IMG_20150606_131814[1]   IMG_20150606_143355[1]


Oh, what was her birthday present you ask? I ordered the picture below to be printed on a canvas 😀 she absolutely loved it! She will always remember the Canadian winter she spent with us and our critters.

Mom and the chickens

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