Mom’s a hoarder!

Yes indeed she is! Of things that are all soft and squishy!!

And they are pppuuuurrrrfect for her!!!

You see, my mom was always against having a house pet – no cats, no dogs, no goldfish. I had a couple of hamsters once, but they quickly went away as they were great escape artists and chewed a bunch of cables in the house. She always said living in an apartment with an animal is just torturous for the animal. An animal needs space to exercise and be able to go outside for fresh air more times during the day.

Then I moved away, and she retired a few years later. She eventually sold the apartment, and was so happy to move to the country side.

Spring of 2013 came around and my step-dad came home one Tuesday to say that one of the guys at the shop “ran into” this tiny fluff ball that was hiding inside from the dogs. She smelled like car oil and looked so frail. He said that some of the ladies there washed it a bit, fed it, and left it in the shop. Mom said he could bring it home if that’s what he was thinking. And that was HHUUUGGGEEE for my step-dad to even think about, because he was (yes was) even more adamant to bring in animals. He thought about it and thought about it some more and Wednesday morning when he left for work he told her if no one wants to take it home by Friday, he would bring it home and not let it there for the weekend.

The fluff ball never saw Friday at the shop, because my step-dad brought it home that Wednesday evening!

And I think it was the best thing that ever happened to both of them 😉

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Mom frantically called to tell me the news and the story, and also to ask about do’s and don’t’s about living with cats. She learned quickly how easy caring for a cat was and how grateful a cat could be.

Mom named the cat Fluffy. It was too young to know if it was a boy or girl and she felt the name suited either one.

Fluffy turned out to be a precious little girl that followed mom around like a shadow and got her nose and paws into everything and every tight place she was not allowed to be in. The vet said she would be a handful when she would grow up. Mom knew that **oh, so well** from my life with my cats!

Within a few months, the whole neighbourhood found out about this new resident and one by one came over for a visit. And mom welcomed them with open arms, and dishes full of cat food 😉 And spring kittens came popping up from nowhere and whoever wanted to stay, stayed, and the rest found themselves new homes.

And Fluffy welcomed them too, but really kept her distance. Mom said Fluffy knew they were outside cats, and were dirtier and not so delicate as her. She just could not be one to mix with the hooligans!


Last spring, a few kittens decided that life with mom is what they were looking for. Their mother brought them and raised them in the wood shed and as they started roaming around, you had to watch out not to step or sit on one of them!

They helped mom keep the dish rack all clean and ready for new dishes

And they even helped during apple picking season!

They are ever so considerate about space on the outside bench 🙂

So now mom is a hoarder, and this is her outdoor cat harem 🙂


UPDATE January 7th 2016: It’s cold outside, and there’s snow on the ground. Joke’s on you, ’cause they be chillin’ !! 😀 


… but, Fluffy is still the Queen of the castle!


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