Mitchell returned

Mitchell landed at Pearson Airport last evening.

He was very happy to be back, but also had lots to talk about his trip. He was a chatter box all the way home. He visited a couple of farms there and took some pictures to show me how they do things over there. Yes, please add more gas to the fire that’s burning in my heart that I want more animals!!

2015-08-11 (1)  2015-08-11  2015-08-11 (3)  2015-08-11 (4)

The lady had geese too! and a huge pond

2015-08-11 (2)

During their visit, some of the boys on the farm were out hunting for deer, but then came across a tapir. A TAPIR!!! and dinner he was going to be…


Back at home, Mitchell’s grandfather loves to garden and grow his own veggies. True statement! See for yourself 🙂

2015-08-09  2015-08-09 (2)  2015-08-09 (1)



Mitchell felt so spoiled. They cooked him his favorite dishes every night that he was there. I really like this outdoor wood stove.



…and any and all guests were allowed at dinner time 🙂

2015-08-15 (1)

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