A memorable holiday getaway

Every once in a while, everyone needs a break! A break from the office, from the house chores, from the running car… maybe from kids too… a well-deserved break comes with its own sweet rewards! A feel of autonomy is definitely needed at least once a year. You hear about stories of parents hiding in their closets to get away from their kids for more than a minute, or just drive around the block (alone) and listening to their favourite song on the radio without anybody screaming “I want to listen to Itsy bitsy spider ONE MORE TIME” …

But I needed none of those. I have no kids (yet) and not many worries to run from. Just the overwhelming thought of packing ALL my belongings and moving across county lines. That’s because I have a lot of stuff! Even the animals’ stuff is considered ‘my stuff’ because…well, they are all ‘my animals’ apparently!

Thursday afternoon, we packed the car to the ceiling and set the GPS to ‘sticks and stones by the lake’ of the Provincial Park campgrounds. A fun 2.5 hour car ride through the hills of cottage country. I would’ve taken the highway for a ‘faster’ car ride, but everyone thought about that and it only meant we would’ve been caught in a traffic jam. Plus, the sun shining through the windows, with no shade in sight, would not have been a pretty sight either!

-- the rocky hills of the campground created the picture perfect ambiance --

— the rocky hills of the campground created the picture perfect ambience —

We went camping to celebrate Canada Day, but also to forget about ‘home’. The camp site was electricity and radio free! Although we had batteries to charge the notorious cell phones, we all kept them out of sight, only checking them for time telling and for any updates from those left at home (the unlucky ones that had to work during the long weekend). My mom and step-dad were thrilled to be part of this adventure. The whole trip was organised by my dad and I and he booked the adjacent camp site so we can help each other with the preparations. My teenage siblings came too and we had a great time playing cards for hours (among other lakeside activities).   

The weather was not the greatest for hiking or swimming for hours on end, but it was perfect for sitting around the picnic table and just talk (and then take a nap)! It was great to catch up, listening to rain drops on Friday, and just having a quiet conversation time over breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But the best part of camping and the most looked for is everyone gathering around the fire at the end of the day. Everyone expects this moment to happen and is willing to help in any way to set the scene as quickly as possible. Dinner preparations get on their way, cold beers and other age appropriate drinks come out of the cooler. Long pants and long sleeve shirts come out of the tent too, and head covers are often worn. everything to not give in to those pesky mosquitoes! 

In the end, opposites didn’t collide, generation gaps did not get in the way, and everyone walked away with yet another great memory of our family time spent together!

— a serene horizon mirroring in the lake water —

7 Thoughts on “A memorable holiday getaway

  1. Ooo I love camping, and group camping is the best. Nothing beats getting away to a secluded little beautiful spot and just switching off from the outside world, and you don’t realise how much you’ve craved getting away from all the noise and busy-ness until it stops and you can take a breath!

    • It really acts like a detox… My step-dad said what’s this “radio free” zone – can’t even hear the news! I told him the news for the next couple of days is that there is NO NEWS! and no news is always good news bahahaha

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  3. Looks amazing; I’m a little jealous! 🙂

  4. Oh, Laura, this looks so lovely. I am so happy that you got to do this. Everyone needs to run away every so often for sanity’s sake. Which provincial park was this?

    • Thank you 🙂 we went to Oastler Lake Provincial Park, by Parry Sound. Weather aside, we had a really good time! I’m looking to see if any spots are available for August long weekend. But I’m not holding my breath given that the window to book opened in March lol

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