I looked in the mirror and saw my mother!

Someone telling you “you’re getting old” never gets old! It sticks to you like a stubborn burr in the fur of a Great Pyrenees… I know I’m not that old, but with every white hair I find I tell myself God, you’re getting old! It should actually be more like ‘God, you’re getting more beautiful!’ or ‘God, you’re getting more experienced!’

or ‘God, you’re getting to look more like your mother!’

Today is my mom’s birthday and, over the weekend, we looked at old photos of her during adolescence years and, although I knew this from before, WOW I really do look like her!
I sometimes sound like her too… some scary stuff!

On Saturday, I booked a 3-hour cruise with dinner and dance on Ontario Lake and it was a fantastic surprise for the whole family (Mitchell hates surprises, but warmed up to the idea when he figured it out).

mom and stepdad

— Mom and stepdad getting all giddy before we boarded the ship —

But we had a double celebration! After many months and many days of back and forth negotiations we had a solid offer for the property and we are now officially SOLD… and officially homeless as of July 14th IF we do not find something with a quick closing. We have houses lined up to view all this week and hopefully there will be THE ONE that will strike out and we could get our shit together and move on 🙂 A dream come true, but I am full of anxiety! Everything happened so fast, but as my nice real estate lady said, this is what I wanted all along since the sign went up (which is hilarious to mention that it was July 16th we set the posts into the ground and it will be July 14th we take them out – only because July 16th is a Saturday! else I would’ve wanted it on the same day and call it FAITH 😉 )

We do have a backup plan to the backup plan! Mitchell will always have Plan C and D prepared if all else fails… it is how he is in every situation! great asset to have rather than break down in tears and pray for a miracle (ya, that could/would be me!)

— in the car, being silly during a 2hr drive each way–

You may ask why in the name of everything holy did we take the dog with us during a 2hr car ride. Let me ‘splain something to you – I am of the superstitious kind and when a property that is for sale is situated right next to a cemetery, one (me!) wants to make sure there will be no active neighbours patrolling during the night (I get enough commotion happening from the cats). Our current property is next to a cemetery too (ya, we’re lucky to have them quiet neighbours) and at the time of purchase we brought Tia with us multiple times just to make sure she does not get any strange vibes 😉  I read somewhere that in the Chinese culture, before they buy a new house, they bring a newborn to the house and see how he/she reacts to the place. If he/she becomes fussy and whiny something’s up with the house. Same goes for cats and dogs, they have that other sense that makes them feel/see another presence. We have no kids, the cats absolutely hate car rides, and, by elimination, Tia came along for the ride! She loves car rides any time, any day! even when we had to move something with the trailer from the front to the back of the property, she got in and had the time of her life lol

-- exhausted dog on the lawn after we got back from the little half day trip --

— exhausted dog on the lawn, after we got back from the half day trip —

A new Chapter in our lives is about to begin and a new set of difficulties and rewards await us!


– there might be crickets playing for some time until we finish this marathon of house hunting

– I’ll probably be writing short notes full of frustration and/or excitement over at SandInTheBikini


Chat soon!


5 Thoughts on “I looked in the mirror and saw my mother!

  1. Always exciting when a new chapter begins! 🙂

    I see your domain name is a dot ca — that’s clever, considering Caledon Acres (=ca) LOL

    • Very exciting and also nerve wracking lol this will be the “make it or break it” begining chapter.

      Funny you mention the dot ca because I never saw it that way before hehe now it’s extra special!

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  3. Congrats on selling!! And sending positive, non-ghosty vibes for a perfect new house asap. That’s inspired, taking Tia with you to vet the houses (sort-of-pun intended) and be sure to tell us if she does anything unusual in a house like bark at the ceiling or breakdance or something. 🙂

    • Thank you and thank you!! when I lived on my own, the cats used to scare the crap out of me when they would just stare at the ceiling and sometimes follow with their eyes SOMETHING moving up there… I used to smoke sage in the house lol it’s creepy when you live all alone and you hear the furniture making noises. Happy to report there were no slammed doors or water taps going off on their own hehe

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