The Liebster Award – Recognizing me and my corner of the world

…not an April Fool’s prank 😉

The Liebster Award is like a mini-Pulitzer for mini-bloggers. Well, kind of. It is now, in my head! **click the link to read about the award

Earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised to find my name on a list of nominees for The Liebster Award. I want to thank Linda at halfa1000miles and Karen at kayrayiam for thinking of me and nominating me for the award. I accept it with a great deal of honor!

And just like winning Miss Universe Title (ya, I like to think I could win that one too), this award requires you to do well in all categories and then answer some on-the-spot-questions presented to you.

Hardly any time to prepare a speech! 

Questions & Answers

Since I received a total of 22 questions, I combined them as best I could and saw fit. Some I answered in the Facts section.

  1. How did you arrive at the name for your blog? If all forms of the name had already been taken, what was your second choice? There was not much creativity involved, sadly to say, as it all came down to we live in Caledon and we own a bunch of Acres. We wanted something simple, catchy and easy to remember. My second choice probably would be TheCountrysideLife, but that might already be taken anyway
  2. What do you wish your non-bloggy friends knew about blogging? It’s a fun way to get your words across the blogosphere, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort to produce nice material that people would be interested in reading 🙂
  3. What is your favorite TV show of all time? It absolutely has to be Quantum Leap! As a child, watching it, I thought it was so cool to be able to teleport, be someone else every time and help people. Leap on Sam Beckett, leap on!
  4. What was the hardest part about your first year of blogging? Finding what to write about. I had the blog since we started our journey in the countryside and it had a few random posts. I was my only follower lol mid 2015 I decided to get serious with it and I started it back from ground up. which brings me to
  5. What is your own personal favorite of your own blog posts, and why? Back at writing is the very first post of this new blog and an open door to new beginnings.
  6. Where did you spend most of your life, and where are you now? I was born in Romania and lived there with my mom until I was 17 when I moved to Canada and lived with my dad 🙂 Going on 15 years…
  7. What do you do, or did you do in your life as a job? I work as a full time bookkeeper for a construction company. I really enjoy what I do and the steady paycheck every week, but I would love to work full-time on a farm, be a full time mom and enjoy the rest of my life surrounded by all kinds of animals.
  8. What is a “big” blog that you enjoy and why? KNOCK KNOCK, MOTHERFUCKER, guess who!!?? Jenny @Bloggess always makes me laugh until I cry! every.single.time and when you see an average of 250 blog comments and 23K followers on Twitter, you know she’s freaking good!
  9. Which do you prefer dogs or cats? I was a cat-all-the-way girl until we got Tia, and then Maya & Zeus. Both Mitchell and I get so amazed by how much these cats have us wrapped around their fingers! and merely because they cry louder and longer and it’s more annoying than when Tia barks for attention. So ya, I am a dog person, 3 yrs and counting.
  10. What are your hobbies? Knitting, crocheting, and cross stitching. After many, many years I am still a beginner at all of them. I like to follow the simple instructions 😀 Raising chickens is also a very rewarding hobby at the moment.
  11. I am all about bloggers helping other bloggers. Help us help you. If someone wanted to show your blog some love, what would be your preferred method — a Facebook share? Sharing on Twitter? Subscribing to your blog? Commenting on your blog? Submitting your posts to Stumbleupon? Or something else? Let’s all read their answers and try to make that happen.  I think any social media avenue for sharing would be great. It brings the people over to read, click Like, and hopefully come back at a later time or subscribe and never miss a beat.


Facts about myself

You can also read a few more under 30 facts about myself. I’ll try not to repeat myself. 

  1. I love naps! I plan nap slots in my to-do list, just like I would lunch!
  2. I’m 5’10”, somewhat athletic, but with the endurance of a 5 year old… Long walks are great for anyone, but I always feel like it’s nap time right after!
  3. Favorite colors are burgundy and dark green, depending on the day, mood and situation.
  4. A modeling agency had me in their books for a couple of years. I’ve only had a few jobs as an extra, the most enjoyable one was in the movie Honey, with Jessica Alba.
  5. I really enjoy going to musicals. Sadly there’s no one else as enthusiastic as me to go along. The first musical I saw was “Phantom of the Opera” and I fell in love. I actually enjoyed going to the theater since I was little – we used to take field trips and watch live performances.
  6. I could spend hours on a hard puzzle and never feel I’m bored of it. Unfortunately, time is not something I have a lot of to complete more of them.
  7. I want a big family, maybe 4-5 kids. And that came to be recently, because I always only wanted two and those to be boys!
  8. I cannot keep a juicy secret if it killed me… I get super excited and just have to tell someone! and it’s usually Mitchell or my mom/dad and I get the blank stare of “ask me if I care”. Then I turn to Tia and she cares about everything I have to say lol
  9. I shop at thrift stores, and always when they have 50% sales – it’s extra special on that day! I have not bought a new, expensive piece of clothing in years! but I have a few that are name brand AND with tags on 😉
  10. My zodiac sign is an Aries and it fits me like a glove!
  11. I am a very curious person and tend to mind everyone’s business and it gets me into trouble sometimes. My grandma always would say “curious people die young” – later in life I understood what she meant hehe

Fun fact: In systems such as Astrology and basic Numerology, ELEVEN is considered to be a Master Number. I found it interesting that one of the variations of the rules for the Liebster Award has 11 incorporated. I sometimes read into things further than I need to, but it’s fun and it fascinates me 😉 What does 11:11 mean to you? 


Future Nominees 

In no particular order, I listed below a few blogs I’ve been following for some time, and a few that are brand spanking new to hit my Inbox. The Bonus links are to help us all, the mini-bloggers and such, to learn the ropes and get inspired to keep writing 🙂 

Nasim Mansuri – a young talented lady that writes for practice! Her pieces are marvelous and I hope you enjoy them too.

Country City Me – I’ve followed her on Facebook since I moved to the countryside. I only recently discovered her blog, shameful!, and her writing goes right to the heart. She’s full of wisdom and a talented writer.

Sunglow and me – I wish I could’ve come up with a name like this! Andina is from Indonesia and she writes little notes about life and everything related.

Mara Eastern – pictures say 1000 words. Brand new to me and she had me at ‘Eastern European background’ and ‘in early 30s’. Her blog is fantastic and a change to a regular blog we are used to see 🙂 hope you’ll enjoy it!

Taylor Made Homestead – Tammy saves the day! She writes about her homestead and gives tips and advice of living simply and be grateful for what we have.

The World’s Common Tater – Alan speaks his mind on different issues. He has a good sense of humor and reads like a mad man! Oh did I tell you he’s a librarian?

Squirrel in the doohickey – another great name!!! Diane writes and writes beautifully. She has a few posts with tips for bloggers and she’s working on her first novel.

Olive these words – sounds like I LOVE THESE WORDS!! yup, Jonathan knows to play with words!! brand new blog to me, but he caught my attention right away!

Only 100 Words – Let Sonya entertain you, 100 words at a time. She’s great at it! brand new to me.

Idlewild Alaska – ever been to Alaska? ya, neither have I, but this nice couple lives there! And they share their passion for living a sustainable life and turn their acre and a half into a beautiful homestead!

Farmer Khaiti – Khaiti is the type of person that will make you fall in love with her and what she does in a very short time. She has passion for the ducks she and her Scottish Highlands are absolutely gorgeous. But MayMay, the goat, runs the show over there for sure!

BuffaloSchnitzel – Sarah moved to Germany over a decade a go, but lives a double life between Buffalo, NY and Heidelberg. She writes about similarities and differences of the two worlds, among other stories. As an ex-pat myself, I giggle at some of the “first-world-problems” we go through…. and I love schnitzel! (I know Linda already mentioned you, but I wanted to add you too 🙂)

Still not a journal – aaaawww Australia…remember my top places to visit? Michelle lives with the kangaroos!! and writes beautifully about it all… plus her pictures are just spectacular! (I know Linda already mentioned you, but I wanted to add you too 🙂)

BONUS Amy Lynn Andrews‘s blog offers its readers great tips about building a blog and reaching audience. Hopefully you’ll find some useful tips

BONUS Daily Post prompts will help when you’re stuck. I know Linda at halfa1000miles can take a simple word like “bread” and spin it into a fantastic post.

BONUS Answer the public is another great ‘search engine’ that could help you get inspired.


Questions to answer

  1. How did you arrive at the name for your blog?
  2. If all forms of the name had already been taken, what was your second choice?
  3. What or who inspired you to start blogging?
  4. Describe yourself in three words.
  5. What is your biggest fear?
  6. What is your own personal favorite of your own blog posts, and why?
  7. Where did you spend most of your life, and where are you now?
  8. What is a “big” blog that you enjoy and why?
  9. What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?
  10. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your fresh-out-of-school self?
  11.  I am all about bloggers helping other bloggers. Help us help you. If someone wanted to show your blog some love, what would be your preferred method — a Facebook share? Sharing on Twitter? Subscribing to your blog? Commenting on your blog? Submitting your posts to Stumbleupon? Or something else? Let’s all read their answers and try to make that happen.

Liebster Award




32 Thoughts on “The Liebster Award – Recognizing me and my corner of the world

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  2. I cannot believe I haven’t commented on this post, yet! I’m so, so, so sorry. I read and loved it, and then just never got around to giving any feedback. My daughter has been quite sick this past week, so it has impacted our sleep, etc. Anyway, thank you for including me in your list! I seriously appreciate it! When I started blogging, I honestly just wanted motivation to get BACK to writing–and I was hoping to make some blogger friends. Well, both have definitely happened (and you are that blogger friend I speak of!) 🙂 Okay, so I have to admit something…I’ve never seen Quantum Leap! I’m apparently missing out!!!! 🙂 And, that is such an awesome thing about being an extra in Honey! How many people can say that?? Your post was so interesting. In addition to getting our names out there, you learn so much about the blogger. I still have to write my Liebster post…!!!! I’ve just been spending some time checking out other blogs so I can get to know them and figure out nominations. 🙂 Next week we’re going away for spring break, so I’m figuring the following week I’ll be ready. Anyway, nicely done! 🙂

    • oh you’re so sweet! no worries about the delay. I have a reply to one of your comments that is sitting in my head and I haven’t gotten back over to write it down lol so we’re even! hehe

      Quantum Leap is a TV show that keeps you at the edge of your seat and has you fall in love with the characters and can’t wait to see what they will be up to next 🙂 I know it sounds like any other GOOD TV show, but not many have the main character travel through time and become someone else each time 😉

      I love our little group that we have created. I’m actually expanding my horizons too by discovering new bloggers and different writing styles. We live in a huge world, but the internet makes it seem so small and it’s just so fantastic!

      I feel we’re all pen pals. Except everyone writes just ONE letter and a whole lot of people receive it. I have to say I miss receiving regular mail that’s not bills nor junk mail, but the wait between letters would kill me! I tried pen palling with a nice girl from Australia and we just realized FB and blogging are so much better to keep in touch lol

      I wish you a fantastic time during the break! take lots of pictures and can’t wait to ‘hear’ all about it!

      • I pen palled with THIRTEEN people from all over when I was a teen, and I have to say blogging and comments is even better! Faster of course, and more interesting details, more pictures, and multiple blogpals can get involved in each conversation. I lurve it!
        But I do miss snail mail sometimes, usually just birthdays and Christmas. But the boys and their Oma -grandma- write little letters to each other, and the boys send Mum drawings too. They LOVE getting proper mail in the mailbox old school 🙂

        • I missed replying to this one. I had ONE pen pal too – a nice lady in Australia, out of all places (no, it wasn’t you :P), but after Facebook took over more, our farming pages showed the updates and other stuff we would’ve talked in the letters, and that was that…

          • I’m not sure if this comment will go through, a page kept bleating ‘DATABASE ERROR’ at me.
            Haha no, my thirteen didn’t include Romania unfortunately! 😉 The closest was probably Scotland. Or maybe the USSR. My geography is wack.
            And I hear you about FB killing the letters – me too. Though I DID actually meet my oldest pen pal when she came to stay with me a couple of years back! I’ll write a post about it one of these days, if she clears me to write about possibly embarrassing stuff from when we were eleven. 🙂

            • Laura - CaledonAcres on May 6, 2016 at 9:28 am said:

              Comment came in 😉 it’s Friday in www world too hehe

              I really hope she agrees to the post! 🙂

  3. Hey Laura! I meant to come back and comment on this post ages ago – sorry! Thank you for the shout-out! I already had a massive post in reply to Huffy’s nom though so I couldn’t fit in any more question without my brain imploding. I can answer them now though if you like! Or not? TOO BAD here I go…
    1 & 2 I answered on my Liebster post.
    3. Two people inspired me to start a blog; my sister Justine had told me to do it but when I discovered blogs, and The Bloggess in May 2013 she kickstarted my thoughts on doing it myself. She equally inspired and intimidated the hell out of me!
    4. Describe myself in 3 words: adventurous, young-at-heart, inconsistent. And number-dyslexic, apparently.
    5. biggest fear – losing my family. Spiders don’t even come close.
    6. See my Lobster post.
    7. Also see Lobster post.
    8. Lobster.
    9. My favourite quote? hard! Probably “Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” = Love never dies. From a poem by Dylan Thomas. Which I actually first saw on Beauty and the Beast in the 80s. I loved that show.
    10. Knowing what I know now, advice to me-fresh-out-of-school: Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, start submitting your work to magazines/publishers asap, and get into a sports or social club at uni because isolating yourself isn’t healthy.
    11. And I’ll take blog love, comment, follows, tweets, whatever’s going! I’m not fussy. 🙂
    Oh and where I live we don’t have kangaroos, but we do have wallabies, which to the untrained eye look just like a ‘roo, only smaller. They are heaps cute 🙂

    • Laura - CaledonAcres on April 5, 2016 at 9:06 am said:

      Michelle, you are fantastic!! Thank you so much for the comment 🙂 Kangaroo or no kangaroo, the wallabies are like “wanna be’s” and it will do! (I didn’t even know there are different types or ‘roos hehehe the only thing we call roo’ here is the backyard rooster hahaha)

      #4, never heard anyone describe themselves as inconsistent hahaha puts you in the cool kids pile!!
      #9 I love Beauty and the Beast (the movie, I don’t think I ever seen a show). “Sometimes the best book … has the dustiest jacket, and sometimes the best teacup … is chipped.” (not sure if straight from the movie, but Once Upon a Time TV show has Belle in it and she said that – I thought it was great and forced it into memory lol) I donno if the 9 o’clock train brings any good American TV shows there too, but this is a definate to watch if you liked the famous stories as a child like Snow White and 101 Dalmatians 😉 like all the cool kids!

      • Thank YOU for the nom, Laura! 🙂
        We have loads of different kinds of ‘roos here, also wallabies, and another wallaby-like critter called a pademelon. Pronounced “paddy melon”. I have no idea why they named it to sound like a fruit. Probably to confuse the tourists.
        And I have seen OUAT, though I haven’t seen the last couple of seasons. It’s very enjoyable and very smart how they incorporate the old fairy stories by tweaking them a bit. And I was pleasantly surprised the first time I heard Belle’s voice; she has a really strong Aussie accent! I’d never seen her before I saw her as Belle and always meant to find out who she was. …Might do that now! Have a great day xx

        • confused tourist over here already lol

          I found OUAT to be so creative too! I enjoyed watching characters come to life and how everyone played a role in another’s life. Pretty neat and ingenius for sure. I wish my (future) kids will appreciate it too.

  4. Thank you for the award and the kind words! Living in a farm and be a full time mom sounds really grounded and nice.

    You’re an extra on Honey? I watched that movie possibly 5 times.

    I would like to try knitting and crocheting. so far just did a crochet for beginner. I want to post it but then forgot about it. Not a consistent knitter!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I really liked the movie Honey. I was part of the crowd in the club, they had me by the bar. It was definitely a different experience (they have you dance without music, as they record the dialogue, and they add the music after).

      I only look at simple projects of knitting and crocheting. Too many instructions make my head hurt and I lose interest lol good luck with it. It’s a fun way to keep busy while watching TV

  5. Congrats on your award and on the wonderful way you dealt with it! You picked random facts about yourself that were intriguing and interesting to read 🙂 And thank you for nominating me. It’s a huge honour.

  6. Hey! Thanks for thinking of me on your list of nominees. I appreciate it and the follow. I guess that means I have to write something, huh? I’, a very lazy blogger. 🙂 I also love Quantum Leap.

  7. I forgot something. About the number 11. 11 and 13 are my lucky numbers. Yes, Friday the 13th is my lucky day. Alright, done now.

    • How many black cats do you have? I’ve got one 😀 a lousy warlock lol I like to make wishes at 11:11pm (when I do find myself awake at that time) and later see which ones come true hehe My English teacher back home was born on November 13th. She said she feels it’s a curse she needs to find how to break out of lol

  8. Hahahaha! My QLA girl! Well, we are out now! Everybody is going to know. But that’s okay. I’ve been in the closet about this love for far far too long. I LOVE QUANTUM LEAP! There. Now we can drop the A off the end of QLA and replace it with???? QLE, Quantum Leap Enthusiast. Good right? I knew you’d like that. ?

    • Good indeed!!! I might just go back and rewatch them all for the zillionth time 😀

      • Good idea. Oh and I forgot on the other post you asked how many black cats I have. The answer is none. I have 4 dogs and a lizard but no cats ☹️

        • Don’t get any cats! you become their slave lol

          • I have had cats in the past but I agree. The relationship with cats is totally different than with a dog. I read something one time that I thought described each perfectly. A dog thinks, “You feed me, you water me, you love me, you pet me. You must be God?”. A cat thinks, “You feed me, you water me, you love me, you pet me. I must be God?”. Pretty accurate I think.

            • Laura - CaledonAcres on April 5, 2016 at 9:10 am said:

              OMG that makes total sense!! in an odd kind of way, but dogs would do anything to please the owner and LOVES it, meanwhile cats would annoy the crap out of you until YOU do whatever they want or they’ll pee in your bed hahahaha

  9. Wow, thank you so much! (And I was just trying to figure out what my next blog post was going to be… this is going to be an awesome one). I’m honored that you thought of me! I’m going to have fun with all those questions… and some of those links you’ve shared are really interesting. Thank you!

  10. Hey, how about that? Thanks so much for nominating me. I am now the proud owner of a Liebster Award! (My spellcheck wanted to change that to Lobster. Which would be a nifty award to place on the mantelpiece. If I had a mantelpiece. I guess I could place it on top of the heater. But it would probably make a fishy smell.)

    I’ll check out your other recommendations!

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