I built a fence!

YES, That’s right “I” built the fence. 🙂

Mitchell took some time off from the farm and went to visit family for 10 days. On the “to do” list of items to get the house ready for sale, updating the face of the dog pen was one of the items that kept getting bumped further down. I took advantage of the good weather and started working early in the morning. Music playing in the background, dogs chasing birds and each other – a great day indeed!

I started by taking the netting off the pallets and checking the seams to see how to unscrew all the screws efficiently.

Here is a before picture. Previously, we gathered all free pallets and built a TEMPORARY fence to keep two 2 months old puppies in. (they are over 2 years old now)


yup! Maya had to be in the picture. They were my shadow through the whole time


until they passed out from all this ‘guarding from the shade’ 😀


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But back to fencing. It was a great experience and seeing it develop really filled my heart with lots of warmth. I CAN DO THINGS 😀

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I figured buying new paint will defeat the purpose of reuse/re-purpose/be frugal and so I brought out one bucket of the wasted car oil that we had in the garage and brushed the post first to see how it will turn out. BETTER THAN PAINT! I did all the boards and posts in steps so they dry gradually before I start with the wire mesh.

There’s 2 full buckets of this kind of oil and my next project is to “paint” all the fence posts around the property to prolong their life and make them look extra good!

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Approval seal from the inspection crew!




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