Hello, Mr. Porcupine


It was very nice of you to show up.
I wish the circumstances were a little different;
You might want to consider that next time.

You see, our dogs patrol the yard at night,
and nothing gets by them unnoticed.
That’s when your little posture appeared
and their radars went off. They barked at you.
We were alerted by a loud bark in the house too,
But thought it’s yet another false alarm.

Not this time!

Apparently, they chased you off the property.
They also managed to crawl under the back gate
and chased you further into the neighbour’s field.

Then they caught up to you.
They were very surprised
to learn you came loaded with ammo.
They carried some of that back home.

We met them back on our driveway.
Dirty, smelly, and in pain. Pitiful.
As they were escorted back in the back yard,
they sheepishly went into hiding.

They knew. We were coming for them sooner or later.

We fed the chickens in the dark,
to not be bothered by their bickering,
and came back to look at the dogs carefully.

We found one hiding under the coop,
and one in the dog house.
Both tucked in the straw, ready for nap time!

We took turns  and sat next to each one;
flashlight in their face, gloves on our hands.
Did all we could to pull those tiny quills out.

Maya was done quickly
and without much struggle.
Zeus, in the dog house, took a mouth full.
We pulled out what we could
and called the vet to clear some time for this guy!

Mr Porcupine, I’m not sure where you are now,
what happened to you and if you’re scared.
Hopefully you’re safe and you learned
that our backyard is guarded by two white ones.
And they could come for you again.

Please be considerate and keep your presence away,
as the vet will always take my money away!


(On the way to the vet. They won’t even look at me.)

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