A girl’s got to have fun too!

Even though everything is upside down in my life now, we made time to have some fun and leave the packing behind for a few nights. For those of you that joined recently, we are in the middle of moving to a new property with open acres and plenty of opportunities.

Since my mom and stepdad arrived in early May, I have been scheduling little outings here and there, to celebrate Mother’s Day, or mom’s birthday, or just girls night out.

My mother is of the very creative gene. She finished fine arts in high school and, while some of her colleagues went further to study architecture or teaching, she decided the construction engineering degree was for her and it would pay the bills no matter what. But the art girl still lives inside her! Too many times she told me at retirement time she would go back to painting and make some reproductions… she’s been retired since 2011 and been busier enjoying the freedom than painting! Who’s going to blame her!? but I digress…

Sometime last year, I found out about Paint Night. Then, my blogosphere friend Sarah wrote about it, and convinced me it was a great idea to feel like a kid again, grab the brushes and a glass of wine and go to town! One of Mitchell’s co-workers (the girl we dog sat for), had the great idea that for payment her and I should go out and experience this new thing (that apparently has been around forever!)

We had a fantastic time! It’s where I learnt that rules can be broken and the final picture is your own painting and is beautiful in its own way! and if you don’t like what is being taught to draw, you can draw some dolphins

After my mom arrived, I booked two more events (ya, I liked it that much) and had even more fun with her! She is now looking which other nights to go; it’s all based on which painting you want to draw or stick to the dolphins 😉


excitmentBehind the scenes: Offer accepted!! We are over the moon with the results! We are headed out there tomorrow for house inspection and day-dream about it some more. If everything continues to go as planned, we will have the keys in our possession first week of July!
(omg…that’s not even 3 weeks from now) HOW I FEEL  ————> 

It will be hard work, and sweat and maybe some crying, but I’ve been dreaming about this for a very very long time!
I’ll be able to share more pics after the house is officially ours!

The view from the back deck -- can you see the dogs running around? How about the barn to the right and the chickens, ducks, goats, and a Highland family cow?

This will be the view from the back deck — can you see the dogs running around? How about the barn to the right and the chickens, ducks, goats, and a Highland family cow?

8 Thoughts on “A girl’s got to have fun too!

  1. If we have paint nights here I will take my little sis along to one and I will be the bestest big sister ever! She’s always going on about wanting to do more art, go and do pottery on a wheel, but it never happens as life always gets in the way…

    • I would encourage you to start Paint Night in your hood, but I’m sure it’s one last thing you need/want to add to your schedule too! but hey! you know what they say “busy people always get things done!” 🙂

  2. I love Paint Nite. Granted, one of my paintings looked more like an alien spaceship was about to touch down than a reflection from the sun, but ahem, it’s all good. The rest were really pretty, and that’s saying something considering I have no drawing ability whatsoever. Bob Ross, I am not (except in spirit and sometimes hair). Congrats on the new home purchase! Sounds like it’s going to be wonderful for the dogs and the chickens!

  3. I love paint nights. I have taken my girlfriends, my daughter, my sister, and my husband. I’m not sure what to do with that pile of paintings though. It’s so fun.

    Congrats on the house! Can’t wait to see pics.

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