We found out everyone fits in the car quite comfortably!

A while back I wrote about taking Maya to the conservation park close to home, during one of our walks with Tia. She definitely had a blast, and so did we. I left it off that we would bring Zeus too and record the moment. Well, life happened, the weather changed and we never ended up taking him up there.

Until this past Sunday!

The weather was excellent with summer-ish temperatures. We spent most of our time outdoors and worked our butts off clearing debris that blew over during the winter, raking dead grass and old leaves (we compost all that :)), cleaning both coops and dog houses, and of course sipping from a tall glass of refreshments – Mitchell put together this secret recipe of water with fresh squeezed limes, some sugar, some vodka (!?), and ice. Needless to say we were both a little happier after a couple of glasses 😉

By Sunday evening we’ve had enough! and we packed up the car and went for a drive!

Mitchell pointed out the car is 'struggling' with all the weight!

— Mitchell pointed out the car is ‘struggling’ with all the weight! —

As you may remember, Tia is a big  pain in the butt  princess and needs a window all to herself, so we let them all figure it out to avoid headaches and fights. I ended up in the back seat with Maya and Zeus, and Tia was Mitchell’s copilot!

We arrived at the conservation park only to realize that there were wwwaaaaayyyy too many cars (avg. 2 dogs per car) for our comfort. Zeus can be very unpredictable around new/strange dogs and we definitely did not want to take the risk. He is a livestock guardian dog after all and only trying to do his job and protect us from all the other dogs!

We took a moment to contemplate our decision, but quickly finalized it as 2 more cars pulled in the parking lot. We drove off to a different area and hiked on a trail by the creek. Fishing was permitted and they had a lot of flat areas for easy access to the water. Tia had to be pushed to get in the water – even though you could clearly see the bottom, she really thought it’s bottomless!! Once in the water, she had a blast. Maya and Zeus walked right in splashing the water and taking in a few mouth fulls.

On the way back, when Zeus noticed the sunroof window was wide open, he propped his paws on the arm rest in-between the seats and his head was out the window in no time taking in all the wind!

Enjoy a quick video I put together!


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Posted by Laura Neacsu on Sunday, April 17, 2016

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5 Thoughts on “We found out everyone fits in the car quite comfortably!

  1. Hi Laura. Loved the photo/video story about your day with those beautiful dogs. Wonderful post. 🙂

  2. Aww your furkids are gorgeous! I love getting outside and walking, though I don’t like too many people around either! 🙂

  3. they are so beautiful! great weather for a hike 🙂

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