Fasting starts tomorrow

Christmas Holiday is fast approaching! Yes, it is. Don’t fool yourself.

Christmas Carols already started on some radio stations and all I could think about is presents under the tree!

And this year will be the first year that I want to keep fast for the whole 40 days. And it all starts tomorrow. For 40 days. No cheese, no milk…no eggs…no chicken, no pork, no lamb…for 40 days! There’s fish that is allowed in certain days. But that’s all – all carbs and salads (as I put it) for 40 days. FORTY DAYS. Never done it before and there’s a first time for everything. How bad could it be? People around the world do it every year. Twice a year! Easter and Christmas… for 40 days.

Mitchell’s reaction to me announcing my goal was a compassionate smirk.  He thinks I’ve lost some marbles on the way to this moment in time and he’s looking forward to watch me beg for a glass of milk. And then I will reach for soy milk just to show him I do have some will power somewhere deep in there! I wonder if plain coconut milk would taste better… I cook with it, how bad could it be. Not worse than soy one!

And so, this evening, I am having a delicious piece of meat and eggs for dinner, washing it down with a glass of real milk.

Should last for the next 40 days!

Nativity fast


In Romania, it was my grandmother that followed all the guidelines governing religion. She took me to church with her every Sunday, during my visits throughout the summer. She would teach me what to do, when to do it, and proper etiquette while in church.

But truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever kept the full fast (neither for Easter nor Christmas), or at least not that I can remember. I’ve kept the last week before the Holiday, or two weeks. And it’s always been because I needed to fuel all the energy I was spending studying or working. This year, I’ve really looked back at my roots and traditions and rituals and I would like to go back to following the teachings I got from my grandmother. She’s always been such a big part of my heart!

three generations

(Three generations. Mom, Grandma, and Me)












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