Family is over at the farm

My mom and step-dad arrived on May 27th to help us get the house ready for sale. We decided it is time for us to look for something with a little more open land, not so many trees, and also not so many construction restrictions (we are now part of a conservation area).

We are trying over the next few weeks to balance work and fun for sure and I hope that they are enjoying their stay just as much as we are enjoying having them here.

My step-dad came with no expectations and was fully impressed with what he found here. It was his first time flying to North America from Europe and also his first time staying at a home with cats and dogs. He has…ahem…HAD a bit of a reservation when he met Tia and Maya and Zeus. The cats were no problem, as mom has a cat back home too. But he was terrified of big dogs…until he met Tia-the-wuss. It took him about a week to touch the other dogs – he said they look like the sheppards’ dogs back home and he knew what they are capable of. But they were all his best friends and he started talking to them daily and he didn’t mind them coming for massages and slobbery kisses!! He’s now a changed man! (it only took 8000 kms to get that done)

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and so far , as they were here, we visited a dairy farm to learn some new stuff. Can’t wait to be able to own my own milking cow.

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