Day 8: The struggles

We got to Day 8 and I have to write about Something I struggle with.esl

The biggest thing I struggle with is the English language – I have to admit I will be an ESL student all my life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the language itself, what’s wrong is I have a hard time understanding it at times… Just like the meme, the silly tenses beat the crap out of me. I would love to write a lot more, for myself, but I write the way I have a conversation and tenses tend to be all over the place. And then I try to translate it in Romanian in my head and sometimes it gets easier, but other times it just gets more complicated.

Then there’s the vocabulary. Ever since I started using Word, Shift+F7 became a good friend of mine. Thesaurus helped me use ‘big words’ in regular sentences and to use synonyms to not sound repetitive. Fun tool and a great way to expand the vocabulary.

Yes, I graduated from university and got a payroll certificate, but there are times when I cannot find the proper words to express everything I want to say. And I get frustrated. It’s a never ending struggle and I feel that there are no amount of books I could read to make it go away. And so I write about it. I keep a journal, I write short stories, I read, and I keep this blog. It’s therapeutic.

And of course there’s the spelling part too! I come from a country that words are spelled the way they sound. English is different, there are all these rules to follow when spelling a word (thank you Spell check!). There are times when I change the whole sentence around just to avoid a word I don’t know how to spell…

Language is a medium of communication, and if I can achieve my goal (to communicate), I can live with something less than a perfect grammar!



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  2. Like when you say “it fet”? 😛

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