Day 6: Five ways to win my heart

Woohoo we made it to the weekend! I have to admit it’s not always easy to write during the weekend. Something else always comes up. Wait for Day 15 to read about a round-down on how days go by around here 🙂 

Day 6 – Five ways to win my heart

Well, let’s see if I can come up with all five without taking too much of your time.

  1. cd949Good food: homemade or catered I always fall for really good food. Bring some over or go out for a delicious dinner and you get a brownie in my books 😉
  2. Surprises: I love surprises!! be it gifts, getaways (I love camping by the lake!), dinner at a fancy restaurant, hiking, etc. Anything spontaneous!
  3. Board games: (or card/tile games) are always a win-win during gatherings. Love to spend hours over playing Rummy, Rentz, Whist, Sequence, Settlers of Catan, Farkle, Scrabble, etc
  4. Books: Discuss with me your/my favorite book and you’ll never get rid of me! So far my mom and sis are only “suckers” to listen to me blabber about this “new fantastic book I read”
  5. Watch movies: Be there to watch movies with me – at home or in the theater – and critique it with me as it shows and even cry with me! (and don’t make fun about it) 

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