Day 4: An inspiration

01aa1191-5794-4c85-837d-0b5eddc9de93Moving from life’s little annoyances to life’s personal inspirations.

Day 4 is about Someone who inspires me.

It took so long today to write this because I wasn’t sure what to actually put down.

I was going to write about my grandmother. A strong woman that raised two wonderful kids and a fantastic grand kid (me!!) and another grand kid who is fantastic to his other grandmother. But we’re not talking about my cousin now. Grandma taught me about some ins and outs of life and gave me some great advice, but I think there is a lot more to say about someone else – a lady I met in second year of university.

All my life I tried to fit in and be like everyone else. So that they liked me. And not very many people liked me. It was hard to make friends when you felt like an outcast. Self-esteem was quite nonexistent and while trying to hide behind the “I’m fine” forced smile, the bad attitude was not getting me any closer to friends. And it was always hard to understand why and what I did wrong. I did make a few friends and the friendship survived for a long time.

Last two years of high school in Canada weren’t any better. I was the new girl, with a funny accent and red hair. I made a few friends and moved on. For university, I decided far enough from home that hopefully I won’t have to see any of high school ‘mates’. New environment, new beginnings, new friends to be made.

It all started with a group assignment. If I remember correctly we were about 6 in the group. We were students of all ages and it was hard to keep everyone in line and doing their work. And this lady took charge and organized everything, followed up with everyone, and kept everyone on task. I wanted to be like her! Great attitude to get things done! Bossy, but very nice and very respectful. I would sit back and observe her techniques, the way she would answer in class, participate during discussions, and act in a group environment.

She was back in school to get the certificate of Human Resources and apply to advance in her work place. She worked for a non-for-profit company that helped women get into the work place after struggling in life. They had different programs available, but her position was at the head office in the Human Resources department. We talked about her marriage to an Australian, and that she doesn’t regret anything and the decision to come back to Canada. She raised two girls as a single mother and she was a great model! And I got “glued” to her. I wanted her to teach me to be like her…

We spent a lot of time together outside of school. We talked about some of my issues and she helped to shed some light on how to turn it all around. We would spend hours at the library going through some self-help books available, and also at her house going though her huge collection of books. Having at least one course together during each semester, she was a great support all until the end of university.

We kept in touch for a couple of years after. Life took me in another direction and I moved to the countryside, quite far from about every one of my friends, and we slowly lost touch. One evening, back in the summer of 2013, Mitchell bought something online and wanted me to go with him to pick it up. Mom was visiting at the time, and she came too. The person we went to happened to live in the same general area as the lady. As soon as I recognized where we were, I had to go visit Carolyn! Mitchell got us in front of the house, I saw lights inside, and dialed her number – really hoping she hasn’t changed it. She was so happy to hear from me and shocked that we were right outside. We spent over 3 hours at her dinner table catching up on lost time. She knew about Mitchell and was thrilled to meet the boy I used to talk about and mom felt the same about her.

And this post got me thinking about trying that phone number again!


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// click the picture to view 30 Days Challenge post //

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