Day 29: Goals for the next 30 days

Day 29 – Goals for the next 30 days

  • March is a month full of birthdays, starting with Mitchell’s.
  • March is also the month that I do some planning for the veggie garden and I start seeds indoors. Stay tune for a quick review.
  • Coops full cleanup will happen sometime mid-March.
  • preparations for Easter are in plan. We tend to celebrate both the Catholic and Orthodox one, and since the Orthodox one is not until May, we will be planning traditional dinners both times for sure. 
  • Mitchell has committed to a no-carb diet for a while. I will follow suit with a low-carb change… It is very hard to give up completely on potatoes and bread. Given that we won’t be buying bread for him, I will be baking more bread for myself 😉
  • I wish to finish the cross stitch project I started after Christmas. I’ll have some updates on that soon. As Spring comes, outside work commences too.
  • As good weather is approaching, I want to start walking more. I usually take Tia and we go on the Bruce Trail or just walk along side the road. I am a true believer that walking in nature is more effective than walking on a treadmill.

I think that’s about it… Life is pretty monotone around this time of the year. I am very anxious about the house selling and moving on to new adventures and possibly a career change 😉


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