Day 27: What’s kicking ass

Day 27 – What’s kicking ass

Back at the bank, before the yearly review, the manager would tell us to prepare a list of did-wells and next-times. This post feels like that. I guess I have to come up with a brag list…

  • Spring is coming – that’s a kick-ass event every year!
  • I now know more about raising pigs than I knew this time last year 😉 read about our experience of processing half a pig before Christmas.
  • I started experimenting with cheese making with great results!
  • Shrimp dumplings kick-ass!! they are so delicious. Once at the Asian supermarket I tried it at the sample stand and bought a couple of packages to take home. I had them with potatoes and bok choy, gnocchi with Alfredo sauce, pasta with rose sauce. YUM!
  • my mom and step-dad are ‘scheduled’ to come back this summer. I am already making plans and trying to fit everything in.
  • and this writing challenge is kicking my ass!



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