Day 25: Picture of a word

Day 25! I still cannot believe I made it so far, without giving up at the ones that were a little odd. Or ambiguous. Today’s challenge wants me to pick a word, do a quick image search on Google, and write something that inspired me about the 11th picture. I picked ambiguous.

Some words in any language could mean different things when used in separate contexts. My favorite one “it’s cool outside” and “Maria is so cool!”. And I am sure you have a few examples that come to mind fairly easy.

But drawings can be ambiguous too and play with your eyes. The 11th picture for the word ambiguous comes from the well known story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Ambiguity

Sir John Tenniel’s illustration of the Caterpillar for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is noted for its ambiguous central figure, whose head can be viewed as being a human male’s face with a pointed nose and pointy chin or being the head end of an actual caterpillar, with the first two right “true” legs visible.

At first glance I saw the caterpillar. After readying the actual description of the picture, I tried to see the male’s face. Really tried! I squinted my eyes, crossed my eyes, look from a distance, but nothing, I just cannot see it. And then I thought about the saying “once you see something, you cannot unsee it”. Honestly, let me know if you see the other face?

The picture takes me back to the story itself and I can almost hear the caterpillar talk to Alice, and blow the smoke out of his mouth once in awhile. The pipe attached to the shisha (a.k.a hookah) wraps around the caterpillar in an almost perfect circle, giving the illusion of an aura. The caterpillar because the center of attention because of that circle around him and if you were to hear him speak, you were definitely focused on his words. Almost like you were driven towards him and really wanted to know what he had to say. The author also placed him on a mushroom top and Alice has to look up to him, which makes him that much more important to her.

I still don’t see the male’s face!


Have some fun with these next ones too 🙂 All pictures are ‘clickable’. All pictures are from Google Images.


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