Day 1: Things that make me happy

Day One of this challenge and I am very excited to get started. I am so excited that I wasn’t able to sleep very well last night – I kept tossing and turning and my brain was so wired with ideas about what I should write and how I should fill in the pages.

And just like that, most of the ideas were gone by morning… it figures! I saw this saying on social media and I thought it carried some truth to it – “my bed is a magical place where I can suddenly remember what I was supposed to do”.

But back to the challenge. Day One calls for 10 Things that make me really happy. Here it goes:

NAPS – right!? as a child, I used to absolutely hate nap times. University time is when I fell in love with nap times, mostly at the time when all-nighters were an every day ritual. As a university student, I got used to 20-minute-power-naps whenever I could get one. Now, the weekend is my best friend – I wake up early, as usual, and by noon-ish I like to cozy up on the couch and take a well deserved nap!

DAIRY PRODUCTS – whoever knows me personally, knows I am a dairy queen – no relation to the DQ Ice Cream place – as a matter of fact I’m not a big fan of ice cream at all. Anything else dairy is fair game! I could eat sour cream with any meal. I drink milk like water and cheese is a flavour enhancer to any meal 😉

BAKED PUMPKIN – nothing makes me smile more than my dad saying at lunch time “I have a surprise for you” and pulls out a slice of baked pumpkin wrapped in foil. Some sugar sprinkled on top, and I can have it by the spoon full!! and I don’t always like to share

TOBLERONE – the white chocolate bar. White chocolate trumps dark chocolate any day! I don’t care what anyone says. From early memories of my dad giving me gifts, there was always a Toblerone chocolate bar for my birthday. They weren’t as popular back then, but he always brought one for me. And I get them now at Christmas time.

BOOKS – I love books!! massive, massive mountains of books! I always imagine my house having a ‘study room’ with walls full of books, the kind you would need a ladder to bring a book down 🙂 I love to read and get into the plot of any good book, but I am such a slow reader, I get so annoyed that it takes me so long to finish. I envy my sister for ‘eating’ through ANY book. She laughs at me when she sees my book collection and knows I only managed to read about 10% of it.

AUDIO BOOKS – These I like because I don’t have to read – the pace is set by someone else 😉 Audio books are still really expensive to acquire, so I only have a few that I’ve enjoyed listening to while driving. I also enjoy listening to short stories on vinyl records. I grew up with them. I still have the record collection mom put together over the years and play it when I’m alone.

KNIT/CROCHET/CROSS STITCH – Mom knitted, grandma knitted and stitched beautiful wall carpets, and I needed to carry that forward 😉 I am no expert in any of them, but it brings such joy to my soul to start a new project, and to see another one finished. I like to look for new techniques and patterns, to learn the craft, but, honestly, not having to think too much about what I am doing is much better!

TV SHOWS BINGING – good shows to watch ‘by the season’ is an activity I like to splurge with whenever I can. And it’s mostly when I am home alone! Knitting/crocheting or cross stitch projects need to get done somehow 😉 There aren’t very many TV shows that Mitchell likes to watch with me, for hours! But, Everybody loves Raymond has been playing in the background at our house for years! Mitchell likes to have shows playing that don’t require too much brain activity – follow the plot, solve mysteries, etc. He likes to watch the 20-30 minutes of something happening, laugh a little, then move on to the next episode! and I don’t blame him – his full-time job requires everything he’s got.

TRAVELLING – I love travelling – by any means of transportation. I like mostly the ‘going there’ part rather than the ‘coming back’ part of travelling. I like to drive long distances, while listening to audio books, and if I am not the one driving, I bring knitting or crocheting with me to keep my hands occupied.

ANIMALS – make me really happy! my heart fills with so much love when I pet an animal. There is nothing more precious for me than looking into an animal’s eyes and wondering what do they think about… I know some of you might say ‘wait ’till you have kids’ – these will always be my first kids ;). I love my cats, and dogs, and chickens and I hope to expand my “collection” in the near future to ducks, geese, cows, sheep and/or goats, pigs and HORSES! They say a man’s best friend is a dog… well, that man never owned a horse 😉




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4 Thoughts on “Day 1: Things that make me happy

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  2. I love TV, but I can’t binge watch a show. I’m just not wired that way. I love naps, but never take one on purpose. I love the weekend days when I accidentally fall asleep on the couch while reading.

    • There are days during the summer, that I would even schedule “nap time” on the to-do list 😉 I hate ‘cliffhangers’ TV shows, so I usually wait for the whole season to be available and watch it when I can, as many episodes as I can – like one big 3-4 hour movie…

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