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I provided tree accommodations

Saturdays are for sleeping in… Saturdays are for lounging around in your PJs until dinner time… Saturdays are for adventure – Read More →

K9 Slumber Party

Living on a farm takes a certain person. A person that doesn’t take on responsibility lightly. A person that is Read More →

Of Horses, Donkeys, and Danes

Every now and again I see pictures on social media of cute-as-a-button toddlers ‘riding’ their dog. I use riding loosely, as Read More →

Protect paws from road salts

It’s January, and it’s cold, and they are calling for more freezing rain and snow. Above freezing temperatures that we Read More →

Birthday b.i.t.c.h

bitch – /biCH/ noun – a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter My friends call me Tia-Maria, But I also go Read More →

A look into the past

When we first moved to the countryside, our main priority was to get really familiar with our surroundings and “map Read More →

‘Tis the Season

Around the Holidays, and shortly after, I tend to hear about people gifting living creatures to their family, relatives or friends. Read More →