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A girl’s got to have fun too!

Even though everything is upside down in my life now, we made time to have some fun and leave the Read More →

I made new friends

Last month I was awarded the Liebster Award by a couple of very nice ladies and the small print of Read More →

I need to be able to adult today

I’ve been having a hard time playing the role of an adult around here. And I blame it on the Read More →

The Liebster Award – Recognizing me and my corner of the world

…not an April Fool’s prank¬†ūüėČ The Liebster Award¬†is like a mini-Pulitzer for mini-bloggers. Well, kind of.¬†It is now, in my Read More →

We are at war

“We are at war” is what the Prime Minister of France said in a statement after he heard the devastating Read More →

March 8th around the world

Back in Romania, during elementary school years, on March 8th, all kids would gather together to¬†construct cards with precious notes Read More →

Coloring books are bugged

Apparently so!¬†At Christmas time I gifted an adult coloring book and¬†I received one too. It might have to do with Read More →