Building the barn

A fantastic job!

These words we heard over and over from any and all visitors to our little farm. They were talking about our barn. We waited for so long to have it built, but it was definitely worth the wait!

As faith has it, we moved to ‘Amish county’ as we often call it. It was always this way. The Amish only settled in the area within the last 8-10 years. Stereotype or not, word has it they are wonderful people…and wonderful they really are! As you may remember, Mitchell found an alpaca farm not too far from here and we went to visit their farm, to look at the ban of course… and bring home four boys because… alpacas! Well, we bought the boys, but we are yet to bring them home. More on that in another post 😉  The lady shared her barn blueprints with us and put us in contact with the people who built it (the Amish crew) and their team leader turned out to be our neighbour! Back in early August, when we enquired on an estimate, the poor guy was swamped with work, but he did offer to help us out. We got the dollar value estimate and a 5-6 week timeline.

— we customised it and made it bigger to have 6 run-in stalls and the first 2 from the left were enclosed for a chicken coop —

We prayed almost every day that they will show up “today” and start the work…and when we weren’t praying for the Amish boys to come, we prayed for rain! and bees. Let me tell you how the greenhouse was full of flowers ready to be pollinated and there was no buzzing creature in sight. It was heartbreaking… we had over one hundred flowers on the cucumber plants and only one cucumber to show for! Anyway, back to the barn.

They did show up and it all started with levelling the ground, waiting for the backfill to settle, then a crew of really nice men came to dig the post holes. As soon as the ball got rolling, everything else started falling into place really fast. They were completely done in two and a half weeks. It took that long because of the wait on the backfill, two days of rain, and having fewer men a couple of days. When the boys were all here, the game was really on. I had to take pictures from one day to the other, else you blinked and it was done!

Eventually, everything was done and it looked beautiful! They did a fantastic job! a few touch ups were required because we wanted to customise it further.

Here are some pictures of the somewhat final product (customization is never complete). I am very proud of the work the boys did and, in return, we all became really good friends.

On another note,

  • I have been so lazy lately! After my parents left early November, I have been binge-watching a bunch of TV shows and movies while I started crocheting. I guess it’s not really lazing around if there is something I can show for the wasted time. To my defence, chores are done, the house is clean-ish (there are still boxes to be unpacked and clutter is piling up), but I am slowly getting ahead. Yesterday, my best friend gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little girl and she will have a few handmade items 🙂 They are still a surprise, so I cannot show you any pictures yet.
  • We really hit the jackpot in “Amish county”! We now enjoy fresh butter, Amish bread, pies and doughnuts! and we will take all the helping hands we can get during the summer. Helping the community one step at a time 🙂

— Zeus, the man, lazing around like me —

3 Thoughts on “Building the barn

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  2. Loved seeing your animals around the work site. The solitary chicken on the steps made me laugh a bit. Excellent photo of Zeus. What a handsome dog! Lovely post, Laura. <3

    • Thank you, Olga. The chicken was actually on her way up to the open top of the coop… They figured that out in no time! We ended up putting mesh all around after we saw about 5-6 chickens nonchalantly walking on the rafters lol

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