Bring back the vinyl records!

A week ago today, Adele released her latest album “25” and, as of today, over 3 million copies were sold in U.S alone (some 260,000 in Canada) and I’ll be looking for my own copy under the Christmas tree ūüėČ Almost half of the copies were sold online, as digital albums.

The day the album was released, Adele had mentioned that she will not allow digital albums to be sold, as yet. I went to her website to see what format the album was sold under and where to buy it. I was pleasantly surprised to see vinyl under one of the options. And I made sure Mitchell will write to Santa that THAT¬†is what I want for Christmas! (and Adele’s previous 2 albums also on vinyl and a tripod for our good camera and … a vacation house in Bora Bora…¬†but I digress)

VINYL RECORDS!! remember them? they were out when music was really good!!


I am very lucky to own a few albums of famous bands and some records of Top 10 music that was popular in the 80s. My parents¬†saved everything they were¬†able to find over the years and they¬†passed them down to me ūüôā

But my love for vinyl did not start with listening to music. My parents were also¬†able to get their hands on a few records that children stories were recorded on. I grew up listening to great stories like “Uncle Tom”, “Around the world in 80 days”, “Thumbelina”, “Aladdin”, “Alibaba and the 40 thieves”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and a few more Romanian ones that I’m not sure if they have any English versions… I am not even sure how my parents came to have a records player, as none of my friends ever mentioned having one, but I am so grateful that I was introduced to it. It was my babysitter while mom was doing dishes or chores. Back then, we did have a TV, but only 2 or 3 channels were available and children shows were not aired¬†very often. She used to bundle me up in a blanket, on the couch, and let me pick which story I wanted to listen to. This gave her¬†about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and it gave¬†me the pleasure to start picturing all the action from the story. I used to look at the paper cover that the record came in, recognize the characters, and add them to the “motion picture” that was playing in my head.

Over the years, I played the records less and less, because life was happening and other activities filled my time.

When I came to Canada, I brought with me only the most prized possessions I had at a time and that, of course, included 5 of my favorite vinyl records. When my dad saw them, it brought him into the past, to the time of my childhood, and he shared with me few stories about the records. He had a big smile on his face! Not long after, he was able to find a compact records player to put in my room. It came with 2 big speakers and a pair of old school headphones (like these, but in green- my favorite color!) I used to listen to the stories while cleaning my room, working on any art projects, or kitting/crocheting.

During my back and forth visits to Romania, I was able to bring the whole collection I had and more.

When I moved out in 2009, I took the player and the records with me ūüėČ as nobody other than me was listening to them. I wasn’t able to get my siblings to develop a liking for the¬†stories because they were all in Romanian and they could not understand them very well. They would lose interest ¬†and walk out of my room in the first 5 minutes.

Slowly, the speakers gave out on me, and as¬†we moved to the farm, we only took the necessities. Those did include my records collection and the player (just no speakers)! My thought process was that I would find other speakers, nicer ones too, and Mitchell could wire them to the player.¬†That didn’t happen any time soon, as it was not on the priority list of things to get done around the house and farm.

Last year, for Christmas, dad wrote to Santa that a new record player would be appreciated by his daughter, and just as all good kids get what they wish for, I got a new record player. A tiny, compact, piece of art. A very modern player, as it has the ability to play CDs and cassettes!! (yes, those little pests that you always needed a pencil or pen to rewind the tape or put it back when it would get caught in the player)

Every now and then, I look for deals or sales on records to add to my collection, but they are very rare and a bit over my budget! I’ve searched at the thrift stores, and bought a couple from there, that were¬†not scratched and in better condition, but even those are hard to find…

And so, I’m starting a petition to bring back the making of vinyl records! ūüôā So that they are easily available and price can¬†go down a bit and be more affordable for melancholic folks like me.

So that I can end up with a collection like this



And that’s¬†probably¬†when I will hear the ruffling of divorce papers, as I’m already pushing Mitchell to extremes by having a decent (huge)¬†book¬†collection and I keep buying more books and I barely have¬†time to read any of them ūüėĬ†

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