Book Review Friday – Fallen


This month I chose to review a book that is somewhat fitting with the season. I actually picked up this book because it was in a group of many other ‘must read’ books.

Reading the in-cover synopses got me intrigued to keep going – I sure wasn’t disappointed! It tells the story of Adam and Eve after they have been expelled from the Garden. The stories of the first Testament really fascinate me, and as a matter of fact I own 3 different versions of The Bible for Children.

The story takes you on a journey backwards through Cain’s life, only to end with Adam and Eve’s struggles to survive after the ban from Eden. The story presents the consequences first, only to show you how everything got to be that way in the next chapter.


** through more research about the author and the book, I found out that the genre into which this book falls is actually called midrash, although, as I am unfamiliar with the tradition, I knew it as biblical fiction. In David Maine’s previous book ‘The Preservationist’, “[he] made a splash by retelling the story of Noah and the flood with a modern sensibility. In his hands the Bible’s characters were not the hazy figures of myth but real men and women contending with the wrath of a real, and really frightening, God. Read more:


Great page turner!

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