Back to school

**seems like I only have time to sit and write when it’s raining… and based on this year’s rainfall record (very scarce), my posts have been inconsistent too and I apologise for that.

Every day, for the past two weeks, the school bus passes by at exactly 7:15am and 3:15pm (give or take a few minutes). I know this because Maya figured out the schedule too. She posts herself at the top of the hill where she can first hear the bus coming, then she runs straight to the fence line and barks her head off for a total of 3 seconds until the bus is out of sight. Then it’s business as usual.

Both day times the bus catches us during chore time: going around and feeding everyone and tending to their needs. Everyone little or big gets fed or gets a treat three times a day; this way nobody gets jealous and gets in each other’s way. Like the goats would as soon as they see us throwing grains to the chickens.

Everyone is actually in ‘back to school’ mode!

  • Annie is in full training mode with the big “guys” and she’s keeping up with them pretty good. She even respects the nap times the big dogs take, else she gets growled at. First and second vet visit for her were very successful. She doubled in size while on our farm (5 weeks) and the vet said to expect “growing like weeds” from her.
  • The hatched chicks are now young teenagers. They are being schooled by the older chickens to respect ranking and not to stray too far from the “house” point. They are having a blast every day, with little worries – they have to stay clear of the pasture where the big dogs are, else they get chased right back!
  • chicks2The meat birds are growing! 4 weeks already and they learned to fend for themselves quite well from the hatched chicks. We assembled 2 chicken tractors, split them in half, and we are moving them across the pasture 3 times per day. There are lots of grasshoppers hopping around that they love to feast on!
  • The ducks are growing and growing too and putting some nice feathers on. The same feasting on grasshoppers applies for them too 🙂 The ducklings are fearless! We leave them out on the lawn for most of the day and they run and roam and get schooled by Blackie, the big duck., when they cross boundaries.
  • This past Monday the egg layers arrived and made themselves at home pretty quick! Some started laying right on the first day. The dogs are pretty happy because…you know…fresh eggs!
  • As always, goats will be goats! and Charlotte is still a sweetheart. They learned to accept the new additions to our farm and they get along quite well.
  • The dogs took a very long time to integrate with the goats. They kept chasing poor Charlotte or the kids. We had to invest in shock collars and let them go on with their business and zap them when chasing started. The little buggers would team up and divide and conqure the group. Zeus took only 2 zaps and he calmed down – now we trust him 95% of the time, you can never be too sure with these stubborn minds. Maya has gotten better after 5 zaps, but she still gets into the mood of running them around for fun. At times I think she’s trying to tell us something, but her chasing them around doesn’t make us very happy. A stern NO tends to stop her in her tracks and if that doesn’t work, I run and intersect her mid-run and she stops. Again, can’t trust either of them 100%.
    Maybe one day…

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