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I made a few mental revisions of my thoughts and decided I should get back at writing and keep track of our endeavors and the roller coaster of life we live in. And here I am on a Saturday morning, sipping on my coffee and going through the layout of this brand new, clean slate and trying to fill in the blanks of what I want to say.

Mom is here visiting for the summer with my step-dad. They are having a blast and I feel like I live with teenagers in my house. Everyone is still asleep and they will be until about 10am. Mom always teases me by saying I already had half a day’s worth of work and they are just waking up, but hey! they are on vacation and she’s retired haha.

Mitchell is still sleeping too. He usually wakes up about an hour after I do, to the sound of unintentional noise making I manage to create downstairs. But, for now, everything is quiet. The dog hasn’t moved since I came downstairs, 30 minutes ago. She gets so worked up during the day that she manages to sleep sound all through the night until later in the morning. She’s a doll, and well behaved…when she wants to! she’s a dog after all, living a very happy dog life on our couches and 3 acres of fenced land.

Tia, the Great Dane

Tia, the Great Dane, sleeps with soft toys in her mouth.

Two days ago we lost one of our broody. We don’t really know what happened. I took Tia and walked the perimeter of the property and at the north-east corner we found some feathers. It looked like the chicken did put up a fight. Three 3-week old chicks were left behind, but I am happy to announce that another momma-hen has taken them in, under her wings. The chicks managed to stick together for the day and at night time, in the coop, they decided on their own the sleeping arrangements. I just helped with tucking them under momma-hen’s wings, as they were just sitting next to her in the nest.

The next morning she took good care of her newly adopted chicks and her own little one she originally had. It’s such a joy to watch them scratch around along her side. She taught them how to dust bathe as well and I giggled when I saw them mimic her moves and kicking the sand around.

They are 3 weeks old now, but around 5-6 weeks they will be on their own and any little life lessons will come in handy.

Momma-hen and her four chicks

Momma-hen out in the backyard with her four chicks. They love to explore and never stray too far from her.


Mitchell is awoke. The day really starts now.


UPDATE (July 5th): On Sunday morning another broody disappeared to predators. I opened the coop door at 6:20am, by 7:30am when Mitchell went to see everyone, she was gone. My step-dad strongly believes there is a fox lingering around and got a taste of our chickens… We will begin precautionary measures immediately. 

UPDATE (July 7th): The fox turned out to be a juvenile coyote… On Monday, we kept all the chickens in the enclosed run. We knew Tuesday would be the day the predator will come back for more. Sure enough, just like clock work, it appeared at the fence line (behind it, through the forest) around 7:20am. My step-dad was hiding in the bushes and when he told me that it looked like a stray dog, not a fox, I knew immediately what he was talking about. We now have radio on blasting at the back, towards the forest, the chickens only come out to free range supervised after 11 am and the dogs patrol the area for the morning. Hopefully it moves on…

UPDATE (August 23rd): We’ve lost a couple more chickens to coyotes. Nothing we could’ve really done – they jumped the 4ft fence and grabbed the chickens in mid-day. And you never interfere with a hungry coyote unless you have a riffle in your hand. We’ve been accelerating the training of the dogs with chickens, and disciplining them every time they chased a chicken. Great Pyrenees is such a smart and well rounded breed, but so hard headed and stubborn lol Happy to say they finally go it!! We came to the end of the first week of them being out of their enclosure day and night, and the begining of a long relationship between dog and its flock 🙂 

6 Thoughts on “Back at writing

  1. Aw that’s so sad… blimmin’ coyotes! The orphaned chicks getting adopted and learning how to ‘chicken’ is just the cutest thing ever. I love how you write about your big animal family. 🙂

    • “learning how to chicken” will be my new phrase now!! farming comes with its ups and downs and hey! the damn ‘yotes gotta eat too :S even this year has been hectic as they got bolder and coming around any time of the day, not just at dusk… dogs are on guard 100% at the time, but poor them have to recuperate too and the “opportunists” take advantage!

      Thank you for the lovely words 🙂 more animals to come very soon as we look for another property 🙂 stay tune!

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  4. Great idea for sure! 🙂

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