At the Conservation Park

We took miss Tia out to the Conservation Park. She’s been here once before and Mitchell warned me that she won’t go in the water unless she gets pushed in hehehe I didn’t take the warning lightly and equipped myself with water shoes and pants that were okk to get wet and off we went.

Sure enough it took some “begging” to get her in the water. I kept the leash on and showed her how splashing in the water could be fun. She followed slowly and got out quickly.

IMG_20150726_094245  IMG_20150726_094320-nopm-

The second time around, at a different part of the river, she knew what was coming and she walked right in – no leash needed.

IMG_20150726_095155  IMG_20150726_095158

Next weekend we do this again!

Update: August 1, 2015

We went back and this time we also brought Maya with us 🙂 Neither of them are too fond of swimming. We’ll see if Zeus is different.


IMG_20150802_091419    IMG_20150802_091442IMG_20150802_092124    IMG_20150802_090931

To be continued…

2 Thoughts on “At the Conservation Park

  1. a perfect Oasis for dogs and their companions!! what a great view too

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