All wheels have been greased!

Yesterday, I was chatting with my real estate agent and we were going over this whole journey of selling a house and buying another house… again. Because we did this very same thing 3 years ago! I tend to get very frustrated during rush-rush moments – I don’t want to lose control over the situation and make mistakes; I don’t want to agree to anything that I might regret later. But we’re waist deep in this! And the light at the end is shining brighter and brighter. The more Mitchell and I talked about this new property the more we wanted it to become ours – a land full of hopes and dreams! and chickens of course

And yesterday was the day! Everything went so smooth!

House inspection passed last weekend. Septic and well inspection passed a couple of days ago. We were on the right track for sure! I sent paperwork over to get us house insurance and was a little afraid they might deny us due to having the house heated by oil. (Oil tanks are considered a spilling hazard and a disaster waiting to happen, but we already have it in our plans to switch to a propane tank, one that will be installed outside) Good news came at the end of the day when the broker-lady emailed me back to say the application has been approved and all the necessary paperwork will be forwarded to my lawyer. Then the mortgage broker-lady advised all is set for a mortgage and we need to meet with her to sign all the paperwork!

“All wheels have been greased and are working perfectly!” I exclaimed to my agent. She had a good laugh.

Now I can show you a glimpse of the house together with the acreage. Hoping to put up a barn where the dirt patch is, way over there, behind the house. The picture was taken in early spring – the field is currently covered in hay. 


But we’re not moving in until July and there are still more things to do before we pack our shit crap stuff in the rented truck.

Canada Day long weekend is quickly approaching and I am excited about our camping trip!

She's definitely holding a glass of alcoholic beverage!

— she’s definitely holding a glass of wine (or any other alcoholic beverage)! —

4 Thoughts on “All wheels have been greased!

  1. Wow, it looks like the property goes all the way to the horizon. Good thing we know about the whole earth being round thing, or I’d be a’feared you’d drop off the edge!

    Sounds like you’ve got an adventure ahead!

  2. All that space! I love that it’s all open without fences. It’s like a blank canvas. Does the property just have the house? Is it unusual for a farm to have no barn / coops / stables/ gardens? You’ll have a lot of things to add to it I imagine!

    • “All that space! I love that it’s all open without fences. It’s like a blank canvas” – exactly how I felt when I saw it! Mitchell loves that it has a tiny creek running through at the back…

      The property only has the house and a “pole barn” (3 walls building for storing hay and straw). It is very unusual to have none of the things you mentioned that will actually categories this property as a farm, BUT for some odd freaking reason it is WAAAAYYYYYY, let me say that again, WWWWAAAYYYYY harder to get a mortgage if there are outbuildings on the property… Lending companies think of only one thing: “if this was to default, how quick can it be sold?” and the outbuildings add ‘months’ or ‘years’ to that answer. We are in absolute no rush to move again and so, yes, it will be a bit harder to get started, but we will work off our plan and hopefully the timeline will not shift too much.

      Fencing is actually going in on the Monday after we move in 😀 we’re only fencing about a third of the open space. It will be enough to get us started, keep Maya and Zeus in, and allow the current hay farmer to still work with 2/3rds of the property. The barn will be an interesting project to achieve – shipping containers will be used.

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