In a world of many things virtual, I decided to make my presence known too by starting this blog.

IMG-20140719-WA0021I was born and raised in Europe and was very fortunate to continue my high school and undergraduate studies in Canada, while living with my dad and stepmom. I also have 3 younger siblings from both sides (2 brothers and 1 sister). I was an only child until the age of 13, so I tend to have a hard time with sharing. almost anything!

Mitchell and I met in the winter of 2010 when I started working for the company he was working for. We hit it off as good friends and we would get together to talk about how boring our life really was. We complemented each other and so the fairy tale of the IT nerd and the HR lady began. I don’t work for that company anymore, but I’ve remained friends with the staff and I always feel welcomed there.

We both work full-time, away from home, and spend all the remaining time perfecting our little hobby farm. Our ultimate goal is to work full-time on the farm and be self-sustained.



I started this blog to share stories and pictures from our little farm. I had more to say than a quick Facebook post and I wanted to keep things documented from our journey to self-sustainability. I envision this blog to go in so many directions and hopefully it won’t bore anyone stopping by.

There are so many great blogs out there specific to one topic or one area of interest… I am a jack of all trades and master of none, so I write bits and pieces of things I personally find of interest and are (somewhat) related to living simply. I like to think that I can write, creatively, but, as English is my second language, I also make mistakes; and since practice makes you perfect, every now and then I’ll throw in a creative post. As language is a medium of communication, and if I can achieve my goal (to communicate), I can live with something less than a perfect grammar!

Thank you for stopping by.


ABOUT ME – the long version wrapped up in 30 posts!




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  1. What a lovely farm you have! I’m so glad you stopped into my site and please come back soon.

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